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Essential guide for Internet communication cloud PAAS selection developers

almost all technical teams have experienced service selection problems. Among the three most common cloud service delivery modes (IAAs, PAAS, SaaS), PAAS is the fastest-growing delivery mode in the market at present, and the selection process is also the most headache for developers. However, there is often more than one solution to the same problem. How to choose correctly and less trips to the pit is a brain burning thing. So how on earth should we make the right choice? Let's take the Internet communication cloud service of PAAS layer as an example, and tell you how to avoid pitfalls with the help of several general perspectives

1: functional flexibility and ease of use

Internet communication cloud services usually encapsulate IM and real-time audio and video technologies into sdk/api and deliver them to developers for use. They occupy a very important position in the development of APP functions, especially for social networking, live broadcasting and other industries, communication capability is the lifeblood. If you choose a function that is not suitable for or cannot meet your business scenario, the problem may not be very obvious at the initial stage due to the relatively small business complexity and volume, but in the later stage, it may become a nightmare, which will lead to frequent system problems and extreme instability, and even lead to difficulties in project iteration. Some teams will stop the development of new functions and specially repair bugs, causing significant economic losses to the business

therefore, finding products that can meet their own business scenarios, being able to flexibly carry out secondary development, and supporting multiple platforms and development languages are the primary issues that developers need to consider in their early research. Generally speaking, the number of SDK interfaces represents the number of realizable functions to a certain extent. The more SDK interfaces, the more choices developers have in function implementation. They can create functions that conform to their own product ideas according to the combination of different interfaces

but at the same time, we should also see that some service providers continue to increase the number of SDK interfaces, but this does not mean that the more, the better. It may make new developers more confused and have no choice. Therefore, some manufacturers directly package a dozen or dozens of SDK interfaces that meet the needs of a business scenario into a solution for developers to use, which not only avoids the complexity of development integration, but also improves the ease of use of functions

in addition, the volume of SDK is also a point that needs attention. Too large SDK will cause the final app volume to grow, which is very bad for the user's download experience and needs to be avoided

II: the completeness of development tools

the flexible functionality ensures that the project development can go on the right path from the beginning. Next, we need to consider the completeness of development tools when we really enter the project implementation stage. Development tools include not only basic documents such as development documents and SDK comments, but also various supporting tools such as demos and video tutorials

developers don't like to be interrupted when writing code, especially some basic development problems, such as how to create IDS, how to create groups, and just throw URL links directly after documents are available. Therefore, an easy to read and understand technical development document will help coding get twice the result with half the effort. A good development document should at least have simple structure and clear logic

the so-called simple structure means that users can immediately find out where the knowledge points they want to find are, and the classification is clear. Some documents prefer ambiguous words, such as 1 Frequently asked questions, 2 Hot issues, once encountered in the development of problems, can not quickly find the answer, so we need to reasonably classify specific problems. Another point is that the logic is clear, which allows developers to reduce the thinking of business and interaction, and focus more on the logic and implementation of technology

in addition to development documents, SDK comments are a simpler way to explain documents. Developers do not need to read a large number of technical documents. Through perfect comments, they can easily understand SDK functions directly on the code. In addition, there are supporting tools such as demo products and video tutorials to assist developers to better understand and develop applications, so as to avoid continuous trial and error before completing the development

III: the stability of anti weak environment and QPS carrying capacity

product stability is very important, which is directly related to the user experience. In the relatively closed weak environment such as subway and elevator, we often face the problems of poor signal, abnormal stability of app and inability to use. Therefore, developers need to consider whether they can implement intelligent scheduling through the optimal algorithm in the system operation and select the optimal link for user insensitive switching if they encounter a weak environment

under normal business pressure, the system seems to run smoothly, but when encountering special events such as the double 11, large-scale live broadcast and Spring Festival Gala, the instantaneous surge of traffic may directly lead to the instantaneous collapse of the system. Therefore, developers need to consider the carrying capacity of QPS at the beginning of their choice, including requiring service providers to have the ability to cope with high concurrency. In addition, we also need to assess the message arrival rate and accuracy rate. In some apps, messages are missing halfway, missed messages and wrong sequence events occur from time to time. These probability rates are all due to defects in the architecture design, which app users cannot tolerate

in order to avoid the above pits, a good system architecture is required. If there are hidden dangers in the R & D architecture or risk vulnerabilities of the product due to the lack of experience of developers before the product is launched, we'd better choose manufacturers that can provide business solution consulting and technical solution consulting services throughout the process, and help us make the best plan with their best practices to avoid possible risks before the app is launched

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IV: globalization ability

business prospects and technology prospects are also factors that developers should give priority to. For example, start-ups give priority to domestic layout, but the future development may go to sea, so the selected service 4 raw material suppliers must have global service capabilities

if you want to have a stable global communication capability, you need not only the support of the basic IAAs architecture, but also the support of overseas data centers, multi-channel dynamic nodes and stable global links. Only in this way can you effectively solve many pain points such as slow response, high packet loss and unstable service caused by transnational, cross operator and large-scale user access

some service providers have also built a global communication acceleration network with private encryption protocols, and targeted global link optimization, which provides a dual guarantee for communication security and quality stability for developers

V: services

at present, the vast majority of manufacturers can provide convenient services to developers to meet the various needs of product development, before and after launch and product operation stages. However, a very few manufacturers only provide SDK technology and development documents without any subsequent service support, which is certainly not a good choice for developers

although the well-known communication cloud service providers provide 7 * 24-hour operation and maintenance support services, there are still strong and weak service awareness. Taking customer service work orders as an example, the average work order reply time in the industry is hours, while high-quality service providers can reply within one hour

after the product is launched, if there is service support of automatic troubleshooting tools, it can help developers greatly save communication costs with manufacturers. In addition to these tool services, human services are also one of the necessary guarantees. For example, some service providers have equipped top-level technical teams at the level of CTO or chief architect to answer questions in an all-round way before project development, helping to develop and select technical architectures and solutions suitable for the scene. Other service providers, when the project goes online to realize industrialization and scope utilization, help developers formulate corresponding guarantee schemes manually and dynamically adjust server deployment for possible sudden traffic conditions, so as to effectively help developers avoid pitfalls

after model selection and pit filling, the winner of the best cost performance

price will be the final touchstone in the process of model selection. Generally speaking, choosing good technology and services means choosing more cost inputs. During the current resumption of work and production, the recovery of the industry needs a process, and cost saving has become a top priority in the development of enterprises. Model selectors often have to fall back and take second place because of price factors

for enterprises and developers at the forefront of model selection, good news is coming. Rongyun, the leader of the Internet communication cloud industry, launched a 199 yuan Limited first purchase of IM commercial edition for all developers. The recharge discount is valid from May 1 to December 31, 2020. This is the most preferential activity launched by rongyun since its establishment. In particular, during the epidemic period, affected by multiple factors such as the increase in the cost of IAAs layer bandwidth resources, as well as the persistence to ensure the stability, reliability and security of the last kilometer of communication and never reduce the quality, rongyun has borne a huge cost burden. However, they still do not hesitate to break the bottom line of cost, give the greatest benefit to developers, and vow to give blood for the resumption of work in the whole industry. Also for the above reasons, the quota of this activity is 1000, and the quota will expire when it is full

generally speaking, the increasingly mature technical capabilities of the Internet communication cloud PAAS platform provide great convenience for developers. As a technology selection, developers will naturally get the answer by comprehensively considering the technology, services and globalization of communication cloud manufacturers and combining the price according to their own business needs and industry characteristics

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