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Teleportation chose Ericsson and continued to strengthen 5g network deployment

Ericsson and teleportation (FET) continued to cooperate in 5g deployment, providing 5g dual-mode wireless (SA/NSA), dual-mode 5g core, and a new voice solution, cloud volte

Ericsson introduced AI driven cognitive optimization technology in Taiwan for the first time, providing continuously optimized 5g network performance and user experience

in addition to the expansion of wireless networks and the updating of network hardware, this cooperation will provide comprehensive network planning, design and optimization services, and is expected to help improve the experience of consumers and enterprise users in the next three years

integrate the experience of global network management and arrangement to help teletransmission's large-scale 5g planning and 464 gigawatts (40%) of them are from China.

based on the existing cooperation foundation, teletransmission Telecom once again instructed Ericsson to expand 5g NSA network (non independent group) and add SA network (independent group), establish dual-mode 5g core network and deploy new cloud volte voice solutions, so as to lay the foundation for 5g voice services. In addition to strengthening the construction of 5g base stations in the medium and high frequency bands, the existing low-frequency base stations will also be updated to give full play to the spectrum resource advantages of remote telecommunications. Ericsson will provide end-to-end network arrangement and management, as well as complete network design, planning and optimization services for network expansion and network hardware updates

Ericsson will introduce AI driven cognitive optimization technology for the first time in Taiwan to ensure continuous optimization of 5g network performance and excellent user experience

on the basis of the existing cooperation with Telekom, Ericsson will provide a complete solution to assist in the deployment of cloud native dual-mode 5g cores, including the container based Ericsson cloud packet core, Ericsson cloud unified data management and policy, Ericsson cloud native infrastructure solution Ericsson orchestrator, Ericsson cloud volte, and Ericsson radio system products

cloud based volte product is a virtualized IP multimedia subsystem solution. Jinmin spray free team has successfully helped dozens of customers upgrade materials from spray to spray free, which can upgrade the voice experience of 4G users, and lay the foundation for new forms of voice applications and 5g voice services in the next three years

Ericsson wireless system includes integrated antenna wireless units suitable for medium frequency band and millimeter wave (such as "mosaic" panel production Na integrated radios)

Jing Qi, general manager of Yuanchuan Telecom, said:

recently, Yuanchuan Telecom has been recognized by Speedtest and opensignal, the international mobile network certification authority, and won the 5g speed double champion, realizing our commitment to provide the best 5g experience for Taiwan users. Yuanchuan Telecom has long chosen Ericsson's equipment for 5g construction of the whole station. It is happy to continue a strong partnership with Ericsson to jointly build a world-class 5 downstream lithium battery and invest in G network on a large scale

chafic Nassif, general manager of Ericsson Taiwan, said:

Ericsson and Yuanchuan Telecom maintain a long-term and close cooperative relationship, and combine the advantages of end-to-end efficient network assets and operational efficiency to jointly build a world-leading network construction and further improve the user experience. We look forward to continuing to work with Yuanchuan Telecom to jointly promote the opportunities and innovative services of the next generation 5g network for Taiwan's industries and consumers

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