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Error message and processing method during pspnt sending and scheduling

error message: start rip and report that the dongle is invalid


the transmission is driven by electromechanical drive. 1. Check whether the sentinel service in the equipment of the control panel is started. If this service is not started, it will report that the dongle is invalid

2. Check the parallel port mode in BIOS. Pspnt recommends using ECP parallel port mode

3. If the above two items are normal, the dongle may be damaged and need to be sent for repair. If there are other rip dongles, they can be installed on the machine for testing. If Rip can be started and the key is invalid, it proves that the original dongle is damaged

error message: when starting rip, the system parameter configuration is invalid


this error is generally caused by a problem with the card installation of the system. You need to check whether tcp/ip protocol is installed in the network properties. If not, you need to delete the card driver and reinstall it

error message: when rip output dot matrix reports serial port error or connection error, it is required to check the imagesetter and connection condition


1. Check whether the user name logging in to the operating system has administrator authority

2. Check whether the device driver of the imagesetter has been started. If the device driver does not start, rip and the imagesetter cannot be connected normally. If it is NT4 operating system, look for the imagesetter driver in the device of the control panel, where you can manually start the device service. If it is a Win2000 system, you can check it in the driver under the software environment under the system information under the system tool in the control panel management tool computer management

3. In case of NT4 operating system, check whether the interrupt of rip interface card is exclusive, and it is required that it cannot share the interrupt with other devices. The interrupt can be viewed in the WindowsNT diagnostics of the operating system, or in the screen of computer startup self-test. If the interrupt conflicts, you can adjust it by adjusting the slot of the card, shielding unused devices (sound card, USB device, etc.) in BIOS, and specifying the interrupt of the card in BIOS (some motherboards have this function)

4. In case of Win2000 system, the system can automatically allocate interrupts without manual adjustment. It should be noted that I need to check the device manager of the hardware in my computer properties to see whether the founder interface card is normal. If it does not exist or has an error sign with a yellow exclamation mark, the device driver needs to be updated or reinstalled

5. Check the settings of data line and imagesetter

error message: Rip interpretation file PS file times syntax error undefined color

processing: this error is generally related to color setting. If it is a PS file generated by fit, check whether there are objects using RGB color model or grayscale color model on the layout. The color must use CMYK color model

error message: Rip interprets PS files with incorrect syntax or * CID font error

processing: check whether Ruixing real-time monitoring system is installed on the host. Some versions of antivirus software will interfere with the normal operation of rip

error message: Rip interprets PS files and times syntax interpretation reports undefinedfilename

processing: this error is generally caused by Rip's failure to normally open the picture file specified by PS files. After selecting ignore missing words in the parameter template, reinterpret the file to see whether Rip can generate a dot matrix and will report the file name that failed to open, find the path where the file is located and indicate the correct path in the image search path of the parameter template, and then the PS file can be output normally. If the specified file has the same name as the required file, but the content is different, or the modification time is different, sometimes a syntax error will be reported

error information: Rip interprets PS files and times syntax interpretation errors stackeunderflow

processing: this error is generally caused by problems in Rip's font. Check whether rip has not reset the font, or whether the font installed is not the font corresponding to the dongle

error message: when rip interprets PS files, the syntax interpretation is wrong invalidfont_ Pserror

processing: this error is related to fonts, and rip cannot correctly recognize the font information in PS files

1. Select ignore missing words in the parameter template and reinterpret the file to see whether Rip can generate a lattice and will report the information of missing font or character. If rip reports the error information of missing a font or character, you need to check whether rip contains this font and is installed correctly. If rip does not have this font, you need to modify the file in the front-end typesetting software

2. If ignore missing words is selected in the parameter template, rip will still report syntax interpretation error invalidfont when interpreting PS files_ Pser therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future. Ror has two possibilities. One is that the PS file uses fonts that rip cannot recognize, which requires checking the layout font usage and layout settings in the typesetting software; Another possibility is that there is a problem with Rip program and font, and the software needs to be reinstalled

error message: when starting rip, the key is invalid


1. Check whether there is a T File under the bin subdirectory of the rip program directory, whether the file name is correct, whether the content of the key number is correct, and whether the file contains other characters (such as spaces, carriage returns, etc.)

2. Is the card correct? The original key number will be invalid after replacing the card

error message: when starting rip, e file execution error

processing: delete the file when the load cannot rise again under the sysdata subdirectory and framebmp subdirectory under the rip program directory, and then start rip test. If it can be started normally, Rip can be used normally after resetting the font; If you still cannot start, you may need to reinstall rip. It should be noted that the files in the framebmp directory are lattice files generated after rip interpretation. If the page lattice path has been modified in RIP system parameters, the files under the corresponding path need to be deleted when deleting files

error message: Rip output dot matrix times system does not allow the output of such page dot matrix

processing: check whether the resolution and format of the dot matrix exceed the allowable range. That is, there are restrictions on the key file and it is necessary to apply for a higher-level key number

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