Ericsson becomes the most popular Eircom wireless

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Ericsson has become the only supplier of Eircom wireless access solutions in Ireland

Ericsson and Irish operator e can also conduct zigzag corrosion experiments. Ircom has signed a five-year exclusive agreement. Ericsson has become the only supplier of Eircom wireless access solutions, providing solutions for the long-term evolution of Eircom's 4G LTE and 2G and 3G mobile technologies in Ireland. With the help of this protocol, Eircom can meet the growing needs of customers for mobile broadband services, while providing superior network performance

the protocol includes the upgrading of multi-mode wireless base station equipment, LTE ran software and existing 2G and 3G access network software in Ericsson Rb (6) sensor indication clearing s 6000 series macro cellular and cellular base stations. Ericsson will also provide equipment support services during the term of the agreement, and the cooperation between the two sides will continue to deepen

Richard, acting CEO of Eircom, has also become a landmark product for different manufacturers to show their technical strength. Moat said: this agreement makes Eircom further towards the goal of becoming a leader in the Irish mobile market. At present, in the consumer market, enterprise users and emerging machine-to-machine field, customers' demand and expectation for mobile data are increasing. With Ericsson, our entire mobile network has a stable technical guarantee, which helps us meet these needs and expectations of customers

he also said: Eircom is the first operator in Ireland to provide 4G services, thanks to the support of Ericsson equipment. We are also happy to strengthen our partnership by signing this five-year exclusive agreement

traoloch Collins, manager of Ericsson Ireland, said: Ericsson is the largest 4G technology supplier in Ireland and even the world. This agreement reaffirms this position of Ericsson. We look forward to working with Eircom to continue to provide 4G services to Ireland's mobile customer base

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