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In recent years, the competition in China's automobile market has become increasingly fierce. In order to meet the personalized needs of consumers at all levels and seize more markets, automobile manufacturers have launched a variety of new models or constantly enrich the configuration of existing models to meet the consumer needs of customers at different levels. However, if the new production line is adopted for new products, it will not only greatly increase the cost of the enterprise, but also greatly affect the production cycle of new products. In order to effectively solve these problems, all enterprises began to adopt the mixed line lean order production mode. However, in the multi variety and multi configuration mixed line production mode, the wrong installation of many similar parts has brought a problem to manufacturers. If advanced and expensive error proofing equipment is added, it will not only bring great cost pressure to enterprises, but also these equipment are not flexible enough to adapt to the characteristics of rapid process changes in this production situation. How to solve this problem, this paper will take the identification and error proofing process of ECU (electronic control unit), which is a very representative similar piece (with the same appearance and subtle function difference), as an example, and recommend a new computer information identification and error proofing technology that is flexible, but with less investment, quick effect and large income to readers

similar parts error proofing process planning

the station error proofing process of similar parts can be summarized into the following three steps:

1. Let the assembly personnel accurately judge and correctly assemble parts and components in a tense tempo and a large number of similar parts

because there are more and more similar and different parts of ECU in the mixed line production of multiple varieties and configurations, especially the workers are not familiar with the ECU because of the less assembly times of some uncommon models or new models, Under the condition of high beat production, there is no time to think carefully and confirm, so it is easy to make mistakes. At this time, it is a key point to remind the assembly personnel to correctly select parts. The commonly used method is to form a written document with the configuration and ECU code information and give it to the assembly staff to recite, which is difficult to achieve error proofing for high beat assembly lines. With the wide application of scanning and bar code technology, this problem can be solved by using computer recognition technology. Under the flexible production conditions of multi variety and multi configuration mixed lines, the design of intelligent prompt error proofing process before assembly of similar parts is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 error proofing intelligent prompt process of similar parts

2. simplify the inspection and confirmation of personnel

traditional inspections rely on human brain judgment after visual inspection. Therefore, the same problem as assembly will be encountered, that is, it can not be accurately and quickly judged at high tempo, resulting in frequent errors. In our scheme, the design of error proofing intelligent inspection process of similar parts under the condition of multi variety and multi configuration mixed line is shown in Figure 2, Verification is very simple

Figure 2 error proofing intelligent inspection process of similar parts

3. how can managers solve the monitoring problems

traditional monitoring can only do spot checks, and can not find process problems well, then use the computer intelligent memory function to store the error proofing scanning operation, and monitor it through the regular query of managers. Even if there are non-standard operation behaviors, problems can be found immediately through monitoring, It can be traced quickly and timely. See Figure 3 for our monitoring process design of similar error proofing managers under the condition of multi variety and multi configuration mixed lines

Figure 3 administrator's error proofing monitoring process of similar parts

through the above steps, the error proofing process planning and design of similar parts can be reduced correspondingly. At the same time, the three-step process design also provides a reliable basis for the development of computer error proofing program of similar parts

computer error proofing program setting

based on the above error proofing process design requirements, the development and use of error proofing program should have the characteristics of single machine operation and administrator quick maintenance, and the accuracy and security of "system design data" are key elements. Therefore, this program sets "administrator user" and "ordinary operation user", The security and accuracy of basic data can be effectively solved through separate management and password protection functions. Administrators can set up and maintain the system, while ordinary users can only scan and manage personal user passwords. The following is a brief description of this program:

1. For "administrator users", it has data maintenance, data backup, scanning services Five functions of adding users and modifying passwords:

(1) data maintenance: it is divided into single data maintenance and batch data maintenance. Single data maintenance is used to add, delete and modify a single piece of data, and batch data maintenance is used to import data from excel into the system

(2) data backup: it is divided into data backup and data restore. Data backup is used to back up the access database to other locations, and data restore is used to replace the current access database with the backed up database

(3) scanning business: used for ECU pre assembly scanning prompt and post assembly correctness check operation

(4) add user: used by administrators to add new ordinary users

(5) modify password: used to modify user password

2. For "ordinary users", there are only two functions: scanning service and password modification:

(1) scanning service: used for ECU pre assembly scanning prompt and post assembly correctness check operation

(2) modify password: it is used for ordinary users to modify their own password

system basic data maintenance

1. For "Administrators", you can use "administrator user and password" to enter the system. At this time, the "basic data maintenance" interface will appear, and administrators can perform various basic operations on the program

2. Select "single data maintenance" under "data maintenance", the administrator can query, add, delete and modify the basic data:

(1) query: enter the "vehicle material number" information, click the "query" button, you can query the ECU code information corresponding to the configuration set by the system, and confirm whether the system setting is correct

(2) add: input the "vehicle material number" information and ECU code on the right and click the "add" button, and the added system basic data entry will be displayed in the box on the left

(3) delete: click the "basic design data entry" to be deleted in the left pane, and then click the "delete" button. At this time, a "confirmation dialog box" appears, and select "confirm" to delete the basic information that the configured material matches the ECU code, so as to realize the deletion of "another core element that the repeated basic number determines the industry is the material scientific and technological data", and ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of the basic data

(4) modify: click the record to be modified in the left pane, and the corresponding information will be displayed in the text box on the right. Modify the value in the text box, and click the "modify" button to display the modified basic information in the left pane, so as to realize the error change of basic data

3. select "batch data maintenance" under "data maintenance" to replace the basic data

click the "import" button, and a "dialog box" will appear. Select the excel basic database to import. At this time, the Excel data in the imported system will be displayed in the grid. If there is a corresponding record in the database, the record in this line will be displayed in red to remind the administrator to confirm the accuracy of this information. At this time, there are two methods: one is to delete the corresponding duplicate data in Excel, re import and save; Second, save the duplicate data directly, but ensure the accuracy of the imported data no matter which method is adopted

4. select "data backup" under "data backup" and a dialog box will appear. You can save the access database to another location to facilitate historical data query and ensure data security

5. Select "data restore" under "data backup", and a dialog box will appear, which allows you to replace the database in the current system with the access database named "B" that was backed up

6. select "scanning operation" under "scanning business", which can be used for ordinary scanning prompt and scanning. Only 2/3 of the field of view of the objective lens is displayed, and the photography check operation

7. select "add user" to add new ordinary users

practical application of error proofing intelligent prompt

for ordinary users, after logging in with "ordinary users and passwords", select the "query" function under "scanning business". By scanning the "vehicle material number", you can immediately query the ECU code information corresponding to the configured vehicle type, and display the "ECU code" according to the amplitude and frequency of various springs, elastomers and elastic components adjusted, The operator can assemble the car easily and correctly, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator when assembling at a fast pace (see Figure 4)

Figure 4 error proof intelligent prompt interface

practical application of error proof intelligent inspection

for ordinary users, after logging in with "ordinary users and passwords", select "scanning operation" under "scanning business" to perform ECU assembly inspection

scan the ECU code twice with the scanning gun (effectively prevent errors caused by the error code of the scanning gun itself, and ensure the accuracy of information input), the vehicle material number and VIN information, and the ECU code, vehicle material number and VIN information are displayed in the list, so that the operator can confirm the scanning information. Click the "check" button. At this time, if "correct", the matching related information is displayed, and the text box is automatically cleared; If "error", the error message dialog box is displayed, and the text box cannot be cleared, prompting the operator to solve the error immediately, otherwise the next trolley operation cannot be carried out

error proof scanning administrator monitoring practice application

all scanning operations of this program can be automatically archived in the system. Only by entering through "administrator user and password" can the information be queried regularly. At the same time, whether the operator's scanning is missing or wrong can be found in time. If missing or wrong is found, it can be traced immediately to effectively prevent the outflow of errors (see Figure 5)

Figure 5 error proof scanning monitoring records

managers can find two problems through the above monitoring records:

1 Through the prompt of the figure, the administrator can know that the car "No. 84" has had errors and abnormal scanning operations. If the operator immediately corrected it, it also shows that the operator's operation is completely in line with the requirements

2. Through the figure number prompt, we can know whether the operator has omissions. If the scanning quantity is just equal to the loading quantity today, it means there is no omission. If the scanning quantity is less than the loading quantity, it means there is omission

application security guarantee of error proofing program

this program can change and manage their own users and passwords, so as to make the use of the program more secure and effectively prevent other personnel from illegal operations after obtaining passwords

"ordinary users" cannot change and maintain the basic data, which can ensure the accuracy and security of the basic data of system design

this program adopts stand-alone data maintenance and error proofing scanning operations. For the network operation program, the impact of virus attack and slow system network speed basically does not exist, so the application on the high beat production line is safer and more suitable

ecu error proofing program before and after implementation

application benefits of error proofing program


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