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Botong information Wuxi Far East cable factory ERP case

customer profile

Wuxi Far East Cable Factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of wires and cables belonging to Jiangsu Far East Group Co., Ltd., which can also be used for plastic modification granulation With total assets of 690 million yuan and more than 2200 employees, it has the ability to produce 600000

kilometers of wires and cables of 5 categories, more than 150 varieties and more than 15000 specifications annually, and the production and sales of 1.6 billion yuan. The enterprise has more than 180 branches or offices all over the country, and its products cover power, information, electronics, aviation, railway, automobile, home appliances, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, and are sold nationwide and exported to more than 10 countries and regions. In 2001, the sales revenue of the enterprise was 1.2 billion yuan and the profit was 66 million yuan

project background

with the rapid expansion of enterprise scale and the intensification of market competition, the requirements for enterprise adaptability and overall dynamic control and coordination ability are higher and higher. The amount of information inside and outside the enterprise expands quarterly, and the contradiction with the randomness of the market and human factors is more and more prominent. However, the original management methods and management software of the enterprise can no longer provide the existing resources and management dynamic information of the enterprise accurately, timely and openly. The original management information system of the enterprise has the following problems:

1 The system hardware environment and network construction are backward, and the advanced technology platform is not adopted, resulting in poor security of the information system, prone to data loss, and unable to meet the transmission and processing of a large amount of information in enterprises

2. The gap of the original information system is large, most of the information processing is still blank, and still stays in the data collection and rough processing of independent business departments. There are a large number of "information islands", which are difficult to realize the in-depth mining and analysis of information, and can not provide timely and accurate auxiliary decision-making data for decision-makers

3. The original extensive management has poor standardization, the specific internal post workflow is not clear, the cross department business connection is not ideal, the management of the grass-roots level is not in place, the overall management efficiency is not high, the problems in the business process are difficult to control and analyze, and the market work and customer relationship management cannot form effective shared resources from the bottom up

4. Domestic building energy conservation work is rising day by day. In terms of financial management, there is no integration of Finance and business. A large number of data need to be entered repeatedly to improve the circulation efficiency, with heavy workload, low efficiency and high error rate. It is difficult to control the processing of accounts receivable, the financial cost accounting is not enough, and the necessary financial analysis is lacking


according to the advanced ERP idea, Broadcom information puts forward the solution of "overall design and step-by-step implementation", which establishes a market-oriented supply chain rapid response system for enterprises, optimizes enterprise business processes, improves response speed, and establishes an analysis, planning, implementation, and control system, so that the four flows of enterprise capital flow, logistics, Bill flow, and information flow are integrated, and the whole process is visible and controllable. Specifically, through the implementation sequence of office automation (OA), purchase, sales and inventory, customer relationship management (CRM), production management system and human resources (eHRD), we can achieve the purpose of "allocation, control and balance", increase the production rate, reduce costs, improve quality, realize dynamic planning and optimize resources

implementation income

the implementation of Botong information ERP system has greatly improved the comprehensive management level of the enterprise, enhanced the market competitiveness of the enterprise, provided a strong guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise, and improved the comprehensive economic benefits of the enterprise by more than 15%

Botong information ERP system has established a perfect market information management system within the enterprise. Managers at all levels of the enterprise can grasp the changes in market demand at any time, understand the market share of various products of the unit and the changes due to time and region, analyze the reasons for the changes in market share, and formulate corresponding marketing strategies. Understand the relevant information of competitors and carry out effective competition

the perfect sales management function of Botong information ERP system enables enterprise business managers and business personnel to obtain product inventory reserves in time, and conduct business processing accurately at the first time. At the same time, it can easily obtain and analyze the dynamic demand information from the front line of the market, and provide the decision-making level with market analysis, sales performance analysis and other auxiliary decision-making information

the perfect purchase management function of Botong information ERP system enables business personnel to easily handle daily purchase business, timely understand the markets of both supply and demand sides, reasonably and timely organize purchase, reduce purchase costs and reduce inventory backlog. According to statistics, after the implementation of the system, the procurement efficiency has been improved by 8%, and the inventory has been reduced by 12%. Analysis of purchase information provided by the system 2. The functions of operation specification statistics of concrete pressure testing machine, supplier market analysis, purchase order execution tracking, delivery date alarm and so on realize the full tracking and control of all links of purchase by business personnel

the advanced manufacturing resource management function of Botong information ERP system optimizes the whole production process from the release of production plan to the calculation of production capacity to the decomposition of material demand plan, reducing production costs and shortening production cycle. According to statistics, after the implementation of the system, the labor productivity of enterprises will be increased by 9% and the production cycle will be shortened by 5%. The production monitoring and scientific cost accounting system provided by the system enables managers to analyze the differences between production material consumption, semi-finished product production, finished product warehousing, material consumption, man hour consumption, material price and other expenses at a glance, and easily make cost difference analysis reports, providing a detailed data basis for calculating product costs and production labor costs

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