Huntsman launched two kinds of composite adhesive

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Huntsman has launched two kinds of composite adhesive products

in order to meet the growing demand for special adhesives in the composite market, Huntsman high performance materials company has newly developed two kinds of composite adhesive products for bonding composites with different substrates. These products, together with two newly developed silicon hydride modified polymer products, add four more varieties to the Araldite series

these newly added products are: epoxy adhesive resin aw4858 for materials with poor delivery of high-strength composite downstream finished products, hardener hw4858, high heat-resistant epoxy tree 13, protection function of electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine: 1) cylinder limit protection; 2) Overload and overflow protection of hydraulic system; 3) Experimental force overload protection; 4) Overcurrent and overvoltage protection; 5) Safety protection when the sample breaks; 6) At the end of the experiment, the automatic protective grease aw4859 and hardener hw4859, two epoxy based products and a pair of silicon hydride modified polymers. Another product is moisture-proof epoxy adhesives 2060 and 2061. These epoxy based adhesives are packaged in the cartridge, and the shear resistance is 40MPa. In addition, acrylate based adhesive araldite2048 is specially developed for bonding composite components without surface treatment. Huntsman company said that this product is better than high-strength epoxy resin adhesive in strength and quality reaching the international advanced level, and the effect is very good even on the surface of materials that are difficult to bond

the introduction of these two sets of hydrogenated silicon modified epoxy resin products to the market has greatly broadened the application range of the existing Araldite epoxy resin, polyurethane and methyl isobutyrate adhesive series. The spokesman of Huntsman said that the two newly launched silicon hydride improved products are very tough, can be coated repeatedly, waterproof and have strong fatigue resistance. In order to match the appearance color of the composite, the product araldite2061 is black

Mr. bodowixmerten, technical manager of Huntsman, said: "Adhesives have many advantages in the application of mechanical bonding process. These advantages are particularly obvious when assembling different matrix materials or light structural parts. Bonding makes all parts of the bonding parts bear uniform force, and the pressure can penetrate the bonding part. This is the reason why it is ideal for the assembly of composite components with different properties. The newly added products in Araldite series will help customers with lower cost and better effect Bonding materials of different materials. "

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