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Doosan construction machinery hi mentions the top ten marketing events of China Engineering "best product promotion Award"

Doosan construction machinery hi mentions that the impact strength of components made of tepex Dynalite materials at room temperature has been improved by 8 to 9 times. The top ten marketing events "best product promotion Award"

China Construction machinery information

focuses on "exploring new coordinates of value", builds a high-level communication platform, and condenses the consensus of all parties, The China Construction Machinery post marketing conference to promote industry cooperation and development kicked off on October 28, 2020. At the meeting, sponsored by today's construction machinery magazine and Jiangke construction machinery financial media, the results of the selection of the top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry were announced. The "online" marketing activity of Doosan dx60w eco new wheeled excavator won the favor of guests with its excellent creativity, and won the "best product promotion Award" at one stroke, highlighting Doosan's professional strength and value in the marketing of innovative scenes

as an annual activity with full weight in the professional field, the selection of the top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry aims to select and commend enterprise marketing events that explore and innovate in the marketing field and constantly tap their own value. So far, it has been successfully held for 10 times, with a high degree of attention

the customized marketing campaign to deal with the market recovery has been recognized by the industry.

one of the award-winning cases - the "online" marketing campaign of Doosan dx60w eco new wheeled excavator is a marketing campaign that helps Doosan to help the excavator market recover and customize in the post epidemic period. Affected by the epidemic in early 2020, many industries entered a cold winter, which is a great test for the excavator market. With the effective control of the epidemic, Doosan has insight into market trends and consumption trends, and quickly launched a new 6-ton wheeled excavator dx60w eco specially designed for the Chinese market to cope with the upcoming sales boom. It is understood that this excavator adopts a new high-efficiency hydraulic control system, with soft and accurate equipment startup and high fuel efficiency, which vividly shows the ingenuity and quality of Doosan construction machinery, and has received a lot of attention as soon as it is listed

take the user as the core, break down the circle barriers and create a marketing model

in this marketing event, Doosan deeply analyzed the consumption habits and consumption needs, and launched a four month marketing campaign, using three platforms: Tiktok, Kwai, and small programs, to broadcast live in three stages: the early New product market cultivation, the medium-term real machine display, and the later customer application experience, playing a set of layered, multi angle Through the Doushan live broadcast room, the marketing combo boxing comprehensively used on multiple platforms has formed a positive and effective real interaction with consumers, and the three live broadcasts have attracted tens of thousands of fans' attention. Doosan boldly uses the green light media resources next to the new yellow light, dares to try, and dares to break the circle barriers, which is a model of Marketing Innovation Upgrading in the excavator industry. At the same time, this is also the significance of the selection of the top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry

Doosan won the "best product promotion Award" this time, which is not only a strong support for Doosan's brand strategy, but also an affirmation of Doosan's bold attempt in brand innovation marketing. Doosan has always adhered to the business policy of "quality management and leading technology", adhered to the spirit of craftsman, and deeply understood the needs of customers, so as to create this high cost-effective rotary excavator dx60w eco suitable for the mass market

Doosan will take this opportunity to make more use of new media short video resources such as Tiktok and Kwai in the future, try more consumer demand-oriented marketing activities, and build a multi scene, full matrix integrated marketing model of Doosan brand, so that customers can truly understand the soft power behind Doosan products. When users start testing, create hard power, and truly realize the operation state of "changing ideas, increasing income and getting rich"

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