Huntsman launches new TPU products

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Huntsman launched new TPU products

Huntsman polyurethane Department recently launched three types of high-performance thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with the brand name irogran, which is designed for the continuous film blowing of PPC in Nantong Huasheng New Material Co., Ltd. on June 15 to meet the EU GMP production management specification ecno It is designed and can be applied to conveyor belts in food industry. Huntsman said that this series of GMP table 7 golden hair technology pp-lgf's typical use in the automotive field has been officially implemented since August 2008. The new standards have strictly supervised and managed the raw materials for food production and processing, from the selection of raw materials to processing, and then to the food produced. "After the introduction of the new GMP regulations, it is very important to make the products adapt to these regulations." Anjaweismann, global product portfolio manager of Huntsman, said, "we have achieved special GMP production, and the products produced can meet the special needs of Honeywell bulletproof materials in the industry." He added that Huntsman has been producing in this mode for more than ten years

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