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Longyan oil: cheer for the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo

on the morning of November 8, the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 11th China Longyan investment project fair were grandly opened in Longyan City, Fujian Province. A total of 8 Taiwan business associations, nearly 100 Taiwan guests, 68 Taiwan enterprises and nearly 200 Taiwan businessmen were invited to the exhibition, with a total of more than 100 booths; The session lasted until the 10th

the cross strait Machinery Industry Expo is one of the two key machinery exhibitions in Fujian Province determined by the Fujian provincial government. It is also the exhibition with the highest specification and the largest scale hosted by Longyan. It opens on November 8 every year. Since the approval of the Ministry of Commerce in 2010, the precautions and characteristics of rubber tensile strength testing machine have been successfully held for eight times. After several years of cultivation, Longyan has initially formed excellent industries such as non-ferrous metals, mechanical equipment, cultural tourism, and industrial clusters such as automobiles, environmental protection, and optoelectronics. The Machinery Expo has played an important role in building a 100 billion level machinery industry base for Longyan. This exhibition has gathered top enterprises in the global machinery industry. Longyan's error of no more than 0.10/1000 will grasp the platform of the Machinery Expo, Deepen cooperation with the international community in various fields

it is reported that this "CIFIT" will be held in the newly opened Longyan Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 25000 square meters, a total of about 1200 booths, and seven exhibition areas, including "industrial development", "engineering and sanitation machinery", "military civilian integration and emergency equipment", "special steel vehicles with excellent alloy structure", "Taiwan and overseas machinery", "intelligent manufacturing" and "accessories", will be set up to display engineering machinery, sanitation machinery There are more than 500 special vehicles, military civilian integration, emergency equipment, intelligent manufacturing and other mechanical equipment, and more than 5000 instruments, tools, functional components and accessories

according to the meeting arrangement, Longyan petroleum will improve the service standards and service requirements around the accommodation sites of exhibitors and purchasers, around the exhibition sites and along the way, as well as around the major scenic spots and along the way within the scope of Longyan City, improve the environmental sanitation in the station through the "clean, bright and cool" standard, and display the good corporate image of Sinopec; At the same time, the "youth post station" and other convenient service platforms provide road guidance, free water, charging and other high-quality services to attract participating vehicles to refuel in the station

(Wang Qiurong, LAN Meimei)

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