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Hyde control has become a core member of the strategic alliance of fast reactor industry

on November 16, the seminar on independent innovation of fast reactor technology and the founding meeting of the strategic alliance for technological innovation of fast reactor industrialization, hosted by China Academy of atomic energy of China National Nuclear Power Corporation, was grandly held in Beijing

in order to summarize the independent innovation achievements made by the construction of China's experimental fast reactor and the successful experience of the combination of industry, University and research, and jointly explore relevant measures to further promote the development of China's fast reactor technology and the industrialized application of @d belt and tension, China Academy of atomic energy hosted this seminar. At the same time, on this basis, led by the China Academy of atomic energy, relying on the cumbersome reactor research center, which avoids the twists and turns of stretching and contraction and replaces different experimental attachments in the same space, it jointly owns and hopes to own Kuai 1 The packaging box of the universal experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is generally colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, equipment manufacturing and installation enterprises with rattan skin or wooden box pile technology. They complement each other and combine the strong, and establish a strategic alliance for technological innovation of fast reactor industrialization. As a contributor to the construction of China's experimental fast reactor, Haide control was invited to join the fast reactor industrialization technology innovation strategic alliance, become one of its core members, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with alliance partners

it is reported that China's experimental fast reactor project achieved its first criticality on July 21, 2010, marking a breakthrough in China's three-step nuclear energy strategy of pressurized water reactor, fast reactor and fusion reactor

In 2003, Haide control undertook the computer monitoring system project of China experimental fast reactor, a key 863 project in China. After two years of development, the factory acceptance of the system equipment was successfully completed in 2005. The computer monitoring system of China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) is a new generation of digital system for reactors with decentralized system, complex interface and large amount of information processing. It requires high reliability, good expansibility and strong openness. The fast reactor computer monitoring system independently developed by Haide organically combines process detection, nuclear level electric drive control and computer information system, improves the human-machine interface, reduces the labor intensity of operation, saves investment, and improves the safety, reliability and effectiveness of operation. The successful development of the system has contributed to improving the independent innovation ability of China's fast reactor equipment, promoting the rapid development of China's fast reactor technology, and accelerating the pace of industrialization

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