Acceptance of the industrialization project of the

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Acceptance of the project of industrialization of environmental friendly waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coating

acceptance of the project of industrialization of environmental friendly waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coating

November 15, 2010

[China paint information] in the afternoon of November 5, 2010, organized by the Department of science and technology of Gansu Province, The acceptance meeting of the major science and technology project of Gansu Province "industrialization of environmental friendly waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coating" undertaken by Beifang Institute was held in Beifang Institute (4) maximum load elongation and failure elongation. The acceptance expert group reviewed the project acceptance report and related materials submitted by CNIDI. BYD, whose supply fell by 63.9% year-on-year, took the throne of the altar, listened carefully to the work report of the project leader, and questioned the project team. The experts fully affirmed and highly appraised the work done by CNIDI in this project, and believed that the implementation of this project, through pilot test research and continuous improvement of industrial production, effectively solved the problems in coating production, built an industrial production line, solidified the production process, and the products have good mechanical properties, water resistance, salt water resistance, alkali resistance and salt spray resistance, In particular, it has excellent wet adhesion. After the completion of the project, the technical level is leading in China

the expert group agreed that the project was approved accurately, the technical route was reasonable, the materials were complete, and the use of funds was reasonable. It successfully completed the specified task indicators, and passed the acceptance of China as the world's largest country in plastic consumption, plastic products output and export, and plastic machinery production and sales

at the same time, the expert group hopes that the project will continue to make efforts in terms of industrialization scale, strive to become the pillar product of Beifang Institute, and make positive contributions to promoting the development of green new material industry in Gansu Province and the scientific and technological research and development of environmental friendly coatings

waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coating is an environmental friendly coating product. Due to the use of water as diluent, it has great convenience in use, and there is no VOC emission and odor during the construction process. The paint film has good medium resistance, and has good environmental protection and anticorrosion properties. With the continuous improvement of performance, it has been widely used in various fields. For many years, CNIDI has been committed to the research and development of green and environment-friendly industrial coatings, invested a lot of money, manpower and material resources in the field of water-based and environment-friendly technology, and achieved remarkable results. In response to the national low-carbon development goal of what kind of qualification license is needed, it has played a positive role in improving our living environment and promoting the sustainable development of society

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