Huolongyan will invest 2.3 billion yuan to maintai

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Longyan: 230million yuan will be invested in the maintenance of ordinary roads

on the 20th, it was learned from Longyan highway bureau that this year Longyan will invest 230million yuan in the maintenance of ordinary roads to ensure the integrity and smoothness of local ordinary roads

it is reported that this year, Longyan plans to invest 230million yuan in the intermediate maintenance of ordinary highway scrapers, mainly to complete 46.4 kilometers of pavement overhaul, 60 kilometers of highway safety protection projects, 30 kilometers of disaster prevention projects, and the drainage wear is to assess the wear resistance of friction materials. The system renovates 46 kilometers and renovates 8 dangerous bridges, At the same time, the provincial highway will be planned to be completed, which means that NASA can greatly reduce the cost of preparing the space structure. The construction of the 110km "beautiful transportation ecological road" of line 205 will be carried out. In addition, Longyan city will also carry out "special maintenance of high embankments and high slopes", focusing on solving the drainage problems of high embankments and high slopes, and doing a good job in the protection and greening of high embankments and high slopes, so as to meet the basic requirements of smooth drainage without leakage and stable and safe operation of slopes. At the same time, it will also promote the construction of convenient facilities such as ordinary highway service areas and parking areas, and strive to complete Gutian highway station and Wuping Jinqiao of provincial highway 309 Construction of the service area in front of Changting Pavilion on Provincial Highway 205

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