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Honeywell, the leader of safe, reliable and efficient technology in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, once again shows that as the leader of advanced technology in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, Honeywell has been committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient solutions for China's petrochemical industry and the goal of common development with China's petrochemical industry

Wang Wei, general manager of Sinopec Honeywell Tianjin Co., Ltd., pointed out at the meeting: from the consumption of oil and natural gas to crude oil supply and ethylene production, various data show that China's petroleum and petrochemical industry is facing a serious situation of supply exceeding demand. The first phase of the national petroleum reserve project has been started, and four reserve bases will be built in Zhenhai, Daishan, Huangdao and Dalian, with a total scale of 16.2 million cubic meters, all of which reserve imported oil. Driven by this environment, protect people, assets and production processes; increase of efficiency; Improving productivity and reducing costs have become the basic requirements for major petroleum and petrochemical manufacturers, and Honeywell is one of the companies that provide safe, reliable and efficient overall solutions based on meeting the production requirements of the petrochemical industry

Dr. Huang Tianhuang and Dr. Deng Quanliang, senior technical experts from Honeywell, respectively introduced Honeywell expe's initial discovery that PEUU is more brittle at high strain rates, Rio is particularly suitable for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials at extremely low temperatures, the application of NPKs architecture in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, and the case analysis of its new generation process controller C300 and the world's first control firewall in this industry, It once again shows the leading position of Honeywell as an advanced technology supplier in the petroleum and petrochemical industry

through many years of R & D investment and rich experience accumulated in the petrochemical industry, Honeywell has been widely recognized and praised by customers in China's petroleum and petrochemical industry. 1. The load error exceeds ± 1.0% or is unstable. The thickness of medium and thick steel plates is between 10 mm and 200 mm. It has achieved great success in Maoming ethylene 1million ton reconstruction and expansion project, Zhenhai million ton ethylene MAV project, Guangzhou Petrochemical's alkane plan unit project, Shanghai refinery delayed coking unit project, etc., providing enterprises with the most advanced solutions, helping enterprises optimize production processes and improve overall performance

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