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Logistics is blocked, domestic timber imports are greatly affected

release date: Source: China wood industry information

insufficient logistics capacity, timber transportation is greatly affected. The news shows that due to the continuous global epidemic, the international logistics capacity has decreased, the international shipping price has soared, and it has become the norm to burst warehouses, throw away cabinets and lack containers, which has greatly affected the timber harvesting export and transportation of timber producing countries. At present, although there are many new orders from European spruce and American Southern Pine operators to timber producing countries, domestic timber merchants are not sure when they can arrive in Hong Kong because of their great configuration flexibility

the price of European spruce logs continues to rise

according to the investigation, affected by many uncertain factors such as the epidemic and shipping, the quotation of new orders of European spruce logs has climbed to 128 euros CIF, so the jaw should be cleaned frequently/cubic meter

domestic construction timber continued to rise

according to the survey, after entering December, domestic construction timber prices mostly increased. The news pointed out that at present, the timber prices in Chongqing, Jiangxi and Guangxi have been raised, of which the increase of Pinus radiata in Jiangsu has reached 60/cubic meter; In Shandong, white pine/Spruce rose by 10/m3 across the board. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, and the internationalization of national cantilever pendulum impact experiment. Radial pine rose by 80/m3 across the board

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