Beijing heat pump heating will reach 80million squ

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Beijing's heat pump heating will reach 80million square meters in 2022

the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently announced that in the future, Beijing will focus on heat pump systems such as shallow ground source, waste heat and reclaimed water (sewage) sources, comprehensively promote the application of heat pump systems in clean heating, reduce the proportion of fossil energy consumption, and help win the blue sky defense war. It is estimated that by 2022, Beijing will add 20million square meters of heat pump system to open and close, with a cumulative utilization area of about 80million square meters, accounting for about 8% of the heating area of the city. The annual consumption of fossil energy such as gas can be reduced by about 1million tons of standard coal. In the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream, a wonderful life will be written, and 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide will be reduced

heat pump system is a technology that uses electric energy as power to convert low-grade heat energy into high-grade heat energy. It is energy-saving, efficient and environmental friendly, and its comprehensive energy efficiency (COP) can reach more than 3.0. It is an effective substitute and supplement for fossil energy such as coal and gas. "The shallow surface is a huge solar collector. However, because the surface temperature in winter is lower than 25 ℃, its heat was difficult to be used in heating in the past. With the help of heat pump technology, the medium can be heated up, so that buildings can be heated." Jiaojiangbo, deputy director of the new energy utilization Department of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, explained

it is reported that "key functional areas, three cities and one district, plain new city and ecological conservation area" will be the key areas for the promotion and application of heat pump system in Beijing. Among them, Beijing Sub Center, Beijing Daxing International Airport and Airport Economic Zone, Beijing World Garden Park, etc. will add about 7.7 million square meters of heat pump heating utilization area; Huairou Science City, future science city, haoxue City, Zhongguancun Science City and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone have increased the use area of heat pump heating by about 6.8 million square meters; Daxing, Shunyi, Changping, in terms of technology and technology, must pass the test of plastic tensile testing machine. Fangshan and other new cities have a new heat pump heating utilization area of about 4million square meters; Mentougou, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing and other rural areas have increased the utilization area of heat pump heating by about 1.5 million square meters

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