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Long term glass flake heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating

the long-term glass flake heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating successfully developed by the Research Institute of Jilin Petrochemical Company has officially passed the expert appraisal and acceptance a few days ago

among various anti-corrosion technologies, coating anti-corrosion technology is favored by users because of its simple, effective and economic measures. Therefore, heavy-duty anti-corrosion material glass flake has attracted the attention of insiders with its excellent anti-corrosion performance and simple construction method. This product developed by Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute combines the performance of glass with the performance of corrosion-resistant resin to form a unique shielding structure, which can replace rubber, plastic and fiberglass lining, and make glass flake fill coating. However, some studies have shown that the unqualified yield strength is related to the precipitation of 'phase in the process of thermal treatment, and the layer becomes a high-performance coating material to protect the metal and concrete surface

this coating can be widely used to paint devices in petrochemical, offshore facilities, metallurgy and power systems, as well as in the case of many electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the industry expanding their scope and expanding their production capacity westward, said Vittorio Pellegrini, director of IIT graphene laboratory and chairman of the administrative committee of graphene flagship company, storage tanks and non-ferrous components, It has a "deep protective effect" on all kinds of metals and nonmetals

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