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Long space competition tends to be white hot, machinery manufacturing shows a big market

long space competition tends to be white hot, machinery manufacturing shows a big market

China Construction machinery information

Guide: the machinery sector benefits from the 12th five year plan and other policy support, ensuring the sustainability of future development. At the same time, the machinery sector also has valuation advantages, thus attracting market speculation funds to intervene. In the direction of investment, it is suggested to focus on four aspects: construction machinery, nuclear power equipment, marine equipment, and aeroengine

the machinery sector benefits from policy support such as the 12th Five Year Plan, which ensures the sustainability of future development. At the same time, the machinery sector also has valuation advantages, thus attracting market speculation funds

in terms of investment direction, it is recommended to focus on investment opportunities in four fields: construction machinery, nuclear power equipment, marine equipment, and aero-engine. Relevant stocks include XCMG machinery, Zoomlion (15.70,0.55,3.63%), China first heavy industry group (5.78, -0.02, -0.34%), erchongzhuang (14.04, -0.26, -1.82%), CNOOC service (16.22, -0.27, -1.64%), China heavy industry group (9.40, -0.02, -0.21%), aviation power (36.24, -0.28, -0.77%), etc

both favorable policies and valuation advantages

in the recent market, coal, nonferrous metals, real estate, automobile, finance and other sectors rose sharply in turn, and led the Shanghai Composite Index to rise by more than 3000 points. However, after this round of sharp rise, most stocks in these sectors have accumulated high risks in the short term. From the market trend on Monday, strong stocks in the early stage are in the forefront of decline

judging from the operation characteristics of this round, funds sneaked into the undervalued sectors in the early stage, such as coal, nonferrous metals, securities, real estate, etc., so the undervalued sectors are often the preferred objects of large funds. Judging from the current situation of the sector, the current valuation level of the machinery industry is at a low level. Whether traditional industries such as construction machinery industry, or emerging sub industries such as nuclear power equipment stimulated by the new policy, they are likely to become the rotating objects of funds in the future. Since this year, machinery has developed rapidly. According to statistics, driven by the 4trillion economic stimulus plan, the total output value of the machinery industry has been growing, rising from 0.93 trillion in January to 1.31 trillion in June, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. Although the manageable and controllable decrease in the flow of industrial output value in July will ensure the overall performance of the machinery industry this year, due to the previous determination of real estate construction volume and export recovery and other factors

with the gradual implementation of the policy of national key emerging industries in the 12th Five Year Plan, emerging industries will receive support from the national level and the guarantee of performance growth. We suggest focusing on investment opportunities in four areas: construction machinery, nuclear power equipment, marine equipment, and aeroengines

the 12th Five Year Plan is conducive to the leading construction machinery industry.

the 12th Five year plan focuses on adjusting the structure and changing the growth mode, and encourages industry restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the sales scale of China's top 100 construction machinery enterprises will reach more than 85% of the whole industry, and cultivate aircraft carrier type international well-known companies. The introduction of the plan will promote advantageous enterprises to become bigger and stronger through mergers and acquisitions, and further improve the industry concentration. Individual stocks suggest to focus on leading enterprises in the industry, such as XCMG machinery and Zoomlion

the regional revitalization plan promotes the growth of machinery demand. Regional revitalization has always been an important means of promoting economic development in China. Following the plans for Haixi, Guanzhong Tianshui, Binhai New Area and Hengqin new area, the government launched the revitalization plans for Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet and Anhui this year. Regional revitalization, infrastructure first, regional revitalization inevitably needs to improve infrastructure and related industrial supporting facilities, and promote the growth of mechanical equipment sales

equipment manufacturing is the backbone of nuclear power field

compared with other new energy sources, China's nuclear power technology is more mature, and the power generation cost of nuclear power is significantly lower than that of wind power and thermal power. In terms of cost, due to the relatively mature related technologies, the power generation cost of nuclear power is close to that of thermal power, which is significantly lower than that of wind power and solar power, and has the possibility of large-scale industrialization. In the future, with the improvement of the localization rate of nuclear power equipment and the emergence of industrial scale effect, the cost of nuclear power generation in China will be further reduced

in the context of the transformation of China's power structure, nuclear power, as a low-carbon, clean and efficient energy, will play a mainstay role in China's energy system, and there is huge room for development in the future. By the end of 2009, the installed capacity of nuclear power in China was only 9.08 million KW, less than 2% of the total installed capacity. According to the plan, by the end of 2020, China's installed capacity of nuclear power will reach 9, but the glass substrate can't be bent and is easy to break up, with an average annual growth of 25.8%. At present, the investment cost of second-generation and semi nuclear technology is about 12000 yuan/kW, and the investment of third-generation nuclear technology is about 15000 yuan/kW. It is estimated that China's nuclear power investment will reach 1 trillion yuan in the next 10 years, of which the equipment investment accounts for 60%, about 600 billion yuan. Nuclear island, conventional island and auxiliary system equipment account for 46%, 31% and 23% of the total equipment investment respectively

the nuclear power industry chain is divided into three parts: upstream raw materials, auxiliary equipment and core equipment, of which the core equipment can be divided into nuclear island and conventional island equipment. Nuclear power equipment manufacturing has high technology and investment threshold, and has high requirements for equipment stability and safety. Therefore, the concentration of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry is at the highest level in the power equipment industry. Therefore, the manufacturing field of nuclear power core equipment and nuclear power auxiliary equipment is most worthy of investors' attention, especially in large castings and forgings, main circulating pumps and nuclear level pumps, nuclear safety level valves, welding and other core technical equipment, which has great development opportunities

nuclear power forging process requires large 10000 ton free forging press. The rapid growth of nuclear power will create a demand for large castings and forgings of 6-7 billion yuan/year, and the release of domestic casting and forging manufacturing capacity will accelerate the pace of import substitution. It is suggested to focus on Chinese enterprises with manufacturing technology of large-scale 10000 ton forging machines, such as the first heavy industry group and the second heavy industry group

offshore engineering equipment ushers in a golden period of development

it is predicted that in the next five years, the global offshore oil and gas industry will invest $189billion to establish 15000 oil and gas exploration and production wells on the oceans all over the world, and the global offshore floating production equipment market is about $100billion. By the end of 2009, there were 77 oil and gas fields in production in China, 150 platforms, 10 under construction, more than 140 overseas oil fields under management, 4813 kilometers of submarine oil pipelines, 380 kilometers of submarine cables, and 6 sets of underwater wellhead have been built. 11 onshore terminals have been built and 2 are under construction. These offshore engineering equipment and facilities have enabled CNOOC to have a production capacity of 50million tons of oil equivalent

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's offshore energy strategy will be more proactive. The total energy supply of CNOOC will increase significantly, and the oil and gas production will reach 100million to 120 million tons of oil equivalent, of which the domestic oil and gas production will reach 10000 tons of oil equivalent, the overseas oil and gas production will reach 10000 tons, the imported liquefied natural gas will reach 10000 tons, and the coal to natural gas will reach billion cubic meters. In order to achieve the production target of the 12th Five Year Plan, an additional 50million tons of production capacity will be built on China's offshore continental shelf and continental slope, and a deepwater oil and gas field will be completed and put into operation, with a total investment of more than billion yuan

at present, China is obviously in the initial stage of development. Incomplete statistics show that 50% of the world's offshore engineering equipment is built in South Korea, 20% in Singapore, and only 17% in Middle East shipyards and China. At present, offshore engineering equipment is still the main direction of the industry led by Europe and the United States. At present, the accuracy of design and general contracting is not the same, which seriously restricts the development of the industry and limits the extension of the industrial chain. Improving R & D design and general contracting capacity has become a breakthrough in the development of this emerging industry. The industries involved in offshore engineering equipment industry include offshore oil and gas development, offshore platform manufacturing, supporting equipment manufacturing, oil and gas extraction services, and general contractor of equipment design

the financial crisis has catalysed many Chinese enterprises to turn to the field of offshore engineering. At present, 15 shipyards in China have invested about 40billion yuan to develop offshore engineering business, and competition from domestic enterprises has also created a new line of pressure devices, which generally adopt hydraulic or pneumatic pressure industry. The first tier includes Yantai raffles, Dalian shipbuilding industry, Shanghai Waigaoqiao (12.73, -0.11, -0.86%), COSCO Shipping and other enterprises, mainly engaged in the construction of drilling platforms and floating production systems. Yantai Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. holds the most orders, reaching 13 seats; The products of Dalian shipbuilding industry group Co., Ltd. cover jack up drilling platforms and deepwater semi submersibles, with the most types of construction; Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company undertook the construction of the world's most advanced 6th generation 3000 meter deepwater drilling platform for the first time, with high construction technology. Zhenhua heavy industry (7.64,0.10,1.33%) and Rongsheng heavy industry can be included in the second square of development. Therefore, individual stocks suggest to focus on COSL and China heavy industry

aero engine has both growth value and asset integration.

in July 2009, AVIC established the "revitalization of aero engine committee" and passed the "decision of AVIC on accelerating the development of aero engine industry", based on accelerating the development of engine industry ". In the 12th Five Year Plan, it is listed as the core technology that constitutes the foundation of national strength and military strategy, and will increase support for a long time. The upgrading of military equipment has led to the steady growth of aviation engines, and the demand for civil aircraft has led to the manufacturing of civil aviation engines in China. At the same time, relevant technologies are widely used in non aviation fields, achieving substantial import substitution. It is expected that the average annual growth rate will be more than 20% in the next 20 years

as the only domestic listing platform for the asset integration of AVIC, the entry of Shenyang Liming into the listed company will be a relatively certain event. In the future, the company will continue to issue and acquire assets to maximize the share of industry growth. Next year, it may make breakthrough progress. It is recommended to continue to pay attention

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