The hottest long and short divergence is large, an

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The long and short divergence is large, and the sky glue is mainly volatile

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to breaking force com daily glue continuous K-line chart

tocom daily glue continuous K-line chart. (source: Southwest futures)

Jinan experimental machine factory is the largest experimental machine production base in China

K-line diagram of Shanghai Jiao 0905 contract

K-line diagram of Shanghai Jiao 0905 contract. (source: Southwest futures)

this week, the Tianjiao market is still intertwined with long and short news, and the market lacks a clear direction. The Japanese glue market rose slightly this week, breaking through the suppression of the 20 day moving average, and the rebound was relatively strong. The benchmark contract this week reached 110 yen at the lowest, and the highest alignment center position rushed to 130 yen. The short-term Japanese glue received some support at 100 yen. After hitting a new low in recent years, the Japanese glue has now rebounded by 18%; Relying on the 5-day moving average, the Shanghai glue market rose slightly this week, and the 903 contract returned to above 10000 yuan, but after the rebound, it was still under pressure on the 20 day moving average. As the Shanghai glue market has no clear direction for the time being, intraday fluctuations are relatively intense, and it is expected that the market will still maintain a volatile trend in the short term

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