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"The eighth material handling and logistics technology exhibition" logistics and packaging machinery special area

I. a long exhibition history

in the past ten years, the Chinese society of mechanical engineering has organized a large number of academic exchanges, technology introduction and product promotion in different ways and at all levels, which has been widely welcomed. Among them, the most remarkable is the China International material handling and logistics technology exhibition, which has been held for seven consecutive sessions. The exhibition integrates new technology introduction, product display, academic exchange, strategic discussion and other activities, creating a broad communication space on a limited platform, which makes the industry, University, government and research circles resonate here. Practice has proved that this move has won high praise and wide response from manufacturers, R & D institutions and user units at home and abroad. Following the successful holding of the seventh logistics exhibition in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center (8000m2) in June last year, at the request of exhibitors, the scale of the "eighth Exhibition" held from June 10 to 13 this year doubled from last year to reach the second floor of Everbright

Second, professional exhibition positioning

packaging activities are an important aspect of the logistics system and are inextricably linked with other activities. Transportation, storage, handling, circulation and processing, as well as the transmission of information in the whole process, are inseparable from packaging. Transportation packages with good performance are required during transportation to minimize losses during transportation; In the storage process, it needs to be packed to prevent moisture and insects, so as to ensure that the performance of the goods will not be affected; Handling requires that the package have good structural characteristics, facilitate handling operations, and reduce the vibration caused by handling; Circulation processing requires the packaging to have good opening and resealing performance, so that the processing behavior in the circulation process can be carried out smoothly. At the same time, the whole logistics activities are accompanied by information flow, and the transmission of this related information is largely completed by bar code technology and intelligent packaging

it can be seen that in order to transport raw materials and finished products safely and quickly from the beginning to the end, the beauty, integrity and firmness of the packaging are essential prerequisites. A technologically advanced product and a perfect component need its beautiful packaging more, so it can be more competitive in the market. The development and development of novel packaging (operation) machinery, packaging materials, packaging products and material handling, logistics technology has become an important way for enterprises to reduce costs, ensure product quality, and improve efficiency

previous exhibition reports show that a certain number of packaging enterprises participate in the exhibition every year, and professional visitors from food, medicine and other industries are also very concerned about the packaging enterprises participating in the exhibition. At the request of packaging exhibitors and visitors, the organizer set up a special packaging area this year, and invited professional institutions such as the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI), the British processing and Packaging Machinery Association (ppma), and the Italian Association of automatic packaging machinery manufacturers (u.c.i.m.a.) to participate in this grand event. Once the packaging zone was launched, it won the support of many new and old exhibitors? 705. The consumption of antioxidant decreased by 20%, and enterprises such as Hangzhou Meihua, Kunming Shipbuilding Group, China Shipbuilding Group Hanguang packaging, Jinan canon, dark blue machinery, Phoenix, huaxundon international have confirmed their participation

III. strong exhibition publicity and promotion

the organizer will give full play to its strong organizational advantages and issue 300000 visiting tickets to users and professionals nationwide and abroad through member units and sponsors in various provinces and cities. Before and during the exhibition, in addition to continuing to publish exhibition information on mm modern manufacturing, business information of industrial equipment, mechatronics, detailed introduction of Jiefang metal material fatigue testing machine, Xinmin Evening News, newspaper, Xinhua, mechatronics, Shanghai People's broadcasting station, Oriental TV station, Shanghai TV station, Shanghai Cable TV station and other media, China packaging The zone was publicized on professional packaging media such as China packaging industry, packaging and food machinery, China Packaging News, Guangdong packaging, packaging world, packaging vertical and horizontal, Taiwan packaging industry, China food industry, etc. During the exhibition, a series of high-level seminars and technical exchanges will be held to attract high-level people, users and decision-makers to visit and exchange

the booming Chinese economy has attracted the attention of the world. Shanghai's bid to host the 20th National Congress of the people's Republic of China has increased the desolite supercoatings production line in our factory in Taiwan. The success of the 10-year WorldExpo and the establishment of Shanghai International Packaging City will certainly promote the rapid development of the packaging industry. As a basic industry, the equipment manufacturing industry pays more and more attention to the development of logistics handling and logistics technology. The logistics industry is still in its infancy in China, and the supporting related industries also need to be developed. Logistics packaging will certainly attract countless businesses and enterprises to appear on the stage, showing unlimited business opportunities

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