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With the development of e-commerce and logistics industry, the domestic express business volume has increased rapidly in recent years. In 2019, the total business volume and business revenue reached 63.52 billion pieces and 749.78 billion yuan respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 25.3% and 24.2% respectively. However, as the demographic dividend subsides, the cost of employment continues to rise. The growing volume of business not only brings economic benefits to express delivery enterprises, but also brings great pressure, especially in the logistics sorting link, where high-intensity operations make them have a strong demand for automation equipment

in order to cope with the increasing express business volume, e-commerce logistics and first-line express companies pay more and more attention to the upgrading of logistics automation and apply automated sorting equipment on a large scale. According to statistics, in 2019, the number of automatic equipment of express companies generally increased by more than 50%. Among them, Baishi express sorting system realized full intelligent sorting, and the number of automatic equipment increased by 55% year-on-year; In terms of Yuantong, automation equipment doubled in the first half of 2019; In terms of China Communications, the single-layer automatic sorting line across the country has been upgraded to double-layer, and Guangzhou Huadu transfer center handles 72000 express deliveries per hour.

in February this year, the national post office found the cause of the failure in 2020. At the regular press conference in the first quarter, it pointed out that at present, the country has 232 large express automatic sorting centers, saving 40% of manpower, improving the operation efficiency by more than 50%, and greatly shortening the processing time limit of express mail. In the face of the boom era of express delivery, various express delivery enterprises have increased their investment in automatic sorting equipment to accelerate the transformation from sweat type to smart type

the epidemic affected the upgrading of catalytic logistics automation

this year, affected by the COVID-19, people's consumption patterns accelerated the transformation to online, driving the rapid growth of express business. According to the statistics of the State Post Bureau, in May, China's express delivery business volume completed 7.38 billion pieces, with a year-on-year growth rate of 41%. The business revenue was 77.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 25%. The business volume growth rate hit a new high since February 2018. With the massive orders and parcels, the requirements for express logistics are increasing day by day, accelerating the logistics automation upgrading of express enterprises, especially in the sorting link

as the national team of the industry, China Post has made frequent moves in recent years to improve the sorting capacity of the plane nest coil spring fatigue experimental mechanism center produced by Shandong Sida high-tech today. Under the influence of the epidemic, the traditional sorting relying on manual operation has encountered challenges, and China Post has accelerated the upgrading of logistics automation this year. Taking Shandong Post as an example, in May this year, it launched a bidding for process transformation projects for seven mail processing centers in Binzhou, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Tengzhou, Weihai, Zaozhuang and Zibo, releasing a strong signal of upgrading the logistics hard core of the postal system

in recent years' planning of major express delivery enterprises, the word of automation is frequently used. For example, in 2019, the single-layer automatic sorting line across the country will be upgraded to double-layer, and in 2020, the automatic sorting will be further strengthened to improve the operation efficiency and realize the unmanned operation of the sorting Center; About 60 intermediate transfer sites of SF holdings have been put into use with fully automatic sorting systems. The investment of sorting centers in 2019 was 934million yuan. A greater breakthrough will be achieved in automatic sorting and dry and branch cold chain transportation in 2020. Under the influence of the epidemic, domestic logistics automation has been further upgraded, and automatic sorting has become the trend of the times, with excellent yellowing resistance and precipitation resistance

there are so many automatic sorting equipment, how to choose

automatic sorting equipment is one of the necessary facilities for an advanced express processing center. However, due to the complexity and fierce competition of similar products in the market, how to choose them is also a difficult problem

at present, China's automatic sorting equipment system mainly includes cross belt sorter series, swing arm sorter, linear sorter, deflection wheel sorter, module belt sorter, drop bag sorter, high-speed slider sorter, sorting robot AGV and other categories (see chart), each with its advantages and disadvantages. According to the chart classification, it is not difficult to see that each sorter has its own product application object, and the sorting efficiency, weight range and application fields are different. The advantages and disadvantages are clear at a glance

in general, at present, the cross belt sorter series, module belt sorter and AGV sorting system are very popular automated logistics equipment in the market in the past two years. Among them, the cross belt sorter series is particularly popular. With its efficient sorting efficiency, stability and sorting accuracy, it has become the best choice to solve the sorting problems of domestic logistics sorting centers

as a key product in the sorting process, the cross belt sorter was mainly supplied by international logistics equipment giants in the past, but it was expensive and cost-effective. With the development of domestic automation technology, in recent years, the competition situation of China's automatic sorting equipment industry has gradually become clear. A few domestic enterprises with certain practical technical strength have broken the international monopoly, realized the complete localization of cross belt sorting system, continued innovation, and formed benign competition. At present, well-known enterprises in the domestic automatic sorting equipment industry, such as Jinfeng, Kejie, China Post technology, new Beiyang, etc., have made great efforts in the cross belt sorter series products, and have closely cooperated with domestic well-known logistics providers such as SF, JD, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Suning, Cainiao, etc. the industry has broad prospects

in addition to technological innovation in products, service is also the top priority. In particular, private enterprises such as Jinfeng and xinbeiyang pay attention to product technology and performance, as well as the construction of marketing and service capabilities, so as to continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and expand in the logistics market. The competition among enterprises is not only price and product competition, but also operation and service. In the Shandong Post project mentioned above, new Beiyang won the bid in one fell swoop, with 7 seats accounting for 6 seats. The reason why it can become a big winner is not only relying on its excellent technical strength and excellent product performance, but also related to its strong marketing, service ability and general contracting integration business ability

take advantage of the new infrastructure to meet the new opportunities of Dongfeng logistics automation

the new infrastructure is the hot word and investment focus of the current industrial economy, and the reform of the logistics industry is also closely related to the new infrastructure. On May 7 this year, Shanghai released the "Shanghai action plan for promoting the construction of new infrastructure (year)", which proposed that by the end of 2022, independent innovation will win international promotion, and promote the construction scale and innovation level of new infrastructure in Shanghai to the world-class level. At present, the first batch of 48 major projects and engineering packages implemented in the next three years have been preliminarily sorted out, and the total investment is expected to be about 270billion yuan. Among them, in the construction of new terminals, Shanghai clearly proposed to improve the construction of Urban Smart logistics infrastructure, and promote the layout construction and intelligent upgrading of infrastructure such as storage centers, sorting centers, transfer centers, distribution stations, etc. The release of this series of measures is undoubtedly a stimulant for express logistics enterprises and logistics equipment enterprises

at present, China's express logistics industry is at the key node of technological upgrading and development. Making good use of the technological dividends brought by the new infrastructure and being empowered by it will promote the logistics industry to enter a new round of rapid upgrading and development stage. Many express logistics enterprises have been seeking changes, seizing the tide of new infrastructure, accelerating the promotion of logistics automation, accelerating the upgrading of technology and the development of industry. An intelligent change about logistics has begun

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