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[lokn petroleum] lokn magnetic drill series is not only fuel-efficient

[lokn petroleum] lokn magnetic drill series is not only fuel-efficient

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fuel economy is a topic that many car owners are very concerned about every day. For all day sports car 7, when detecting the filter capacitor in the power supply, fuel saving is particularly important for taxi and bulk cargo drivers. Therefore, an engine oil that can provide excellent lubrication protection, stable and safe performance is their standard configuration, and an engine oil that can achieve excellent performance protection, stable and safe, and greatly improve economic benefits is their favorite

lokn endurance lion diamond magnetic series has gradually entered the public's vision under such expectations. For lokn, the unique soft magnetic factor technology of American lokn and class IV polymer are adopted α Olefin synthetic base oil is a series of large-span multi-stage synthetic engine oil with strong oil film stability, which is specially targeted at the road conditions and use environment in China. The formula is upgraded comprehensively and scientifically. On the basis of "the more you use, the more you protect", it is more balanced and economical to use, and creates a cost-effective economic road for users on the basis of the rising operating costs of individual and enterprise users

full synthetic oil escorts the long oil change cycle

as we all know, full synthetic oil has better high and low temperature performance and longer oil change cycle. In the process of lokn magnetic drilling series, not only the fully synthetic base oil is used as the basic raw material, but also the high-performance antioxidant is specially added. The antioxidant capacity is about 1/4 higher than that of the ordinary synthetic base oil, which can more effectively control the oxidation and deterioration of engine oil and prolong the oil change period of engine oil to the greatest extent

ultimate anti-wear protection, further

the magnetic drill series is also the most high-end series of lokn gasoline engine oil. Its exclusive syntmm dual magnetic polymerization intelligent factor formula technology enables the oil film to reach the surface of friction parts at the moment of starting, reducing starting wear. Equipped with super cleaning factor, it can strongly dissolve the oil sludge and carbon deposits in the engine, and the dissolved small particles are strongly locked in the oil molecules by it, along with the oil circulating into the filter, so as to maintain the efficient cleaning of the engine. Carbon sludge can stop stretching, tightening, bending, peeling, shearing and other performance tests on various materials, and inhibit the generation, which can effectively reduce the wear of the engine, reduce the maintenance cost, and extend the service life of the engine

automatic repair ability is the most significant feature of lokn magnetic drill series, and the introduction of organic molybdenum and nano boron additives is indispensable. On the one hand, nano boron additive molecules are firmly adsorbed on the surface of friction parts, playing a protective role; On the other hand, organic molybdenum molecules decompose into high-performance factors at high temperature and penetrate into the concave of friction parts, so that the surface of friction parts is smooth, which plays a role in repairing for other external purposes. It has perfect repair ability and minimizes the wear of the engine


the performance and quality of oil products have always been the most concerned by users. Lokn magnetic drill series has always been trusted by users in its scope of application with constant high quality, ultra long oil change cycle and efficient anti-wear protection

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