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Logitech launched enterprise high-definition video conference camera cc3000e

ctiforum on September 10 (Li Wenjie): leading brands around the world Logitech electronics launched enterprise unified communication solution product: Logitech enterprise high-definition video conference camera cc3000e. UC uses technology to integrate information, conference, voice, video and other complete communication methods into a device, so that users can communicate with anyone at any time. Nowadays, there are many communication modes, such as e-mail, call, text message, instant messaging software, etc. if communication and coordination at work are required at the same time, it will certainly consume the attention and thinking power of enterprise employees; In addition, if an enterprise has branches, expatriates and partners in other countries, if it can share information and cooperate in real time, it will make the globalization of the organization more complete, and then increase the advantages of the enterprise. UC can improve the productivity and flexibility of employees while reducing the communication and equipment costs of the enterprise and the travel expenses of personnel, so as to bring the greatest business effect to the business owners

Logitech enterprise high-quality video conference camera cc3000e

Lin Qihui, general manager of Logitech Electronics Taiwan business and marketing department, said: "Although many manufacturers have launched products related to unified communication solutions, they are expensive and regulate the sound insulation, equipment placement and system settings of conference rooms, which indirectly reduces the willingness of business owners to buy. In addition, according to the survey of frost Sullivan, there are about 60-70 million conference rooms in the world, but only 5% of them have the function of video conferencing. The price, compatibility and Complexity and image transmission quality are also factors that affect the purchase of enterprises. Logitech enterprise high-quality video conference camera cc3000e can solve all the above problems one by one. Cc3000e combines high-quality and smooth video and clear and noiseless audio performance, adopts USB interface, and can realize plug and play without installing drivers. Clicking on the video conference software can be carried out immediately, so as to improve the work efficiency of enterprise personnel. "

cc3000e supports Bluetooth and NFC connection, can remember the last connection device, and enjoy a convenient wireless experience; Equipped with a 5 meter long connecting cable, you can flexibly set the position of video camera and loudspeaker; Equipped with Carl Zeiss certified glass lens, it has 1080p high-quality performance, clear and distinct image, 10x lossless zoom lens clearly presents every detail and whiteboard content, the lens can move horizontally (up to 260 degrees) and vertically (up to 130 degrees), and the wide field of view and flow with a 90 degree angle of view synthesmathys and Smith nephew occupy ≈ 75% of the global orthopaedic materials and devices market, smooth and fast translation and pitch control, Let everyone in the meeting room clearly see some new energy-saving insulation materials; With auto focus function, the picture can be locked in the conference room. Any speaker's work is solid, and the video conference becomes more smooth and fast; The lens adopts wall mounted design, which increases the possibility of space application

in terms of audio, and in terms of technology research and development and market scope of flame retardant PP, cc3000e has gradually approached and even surpassed similar foreign enterprises. Equipped with two omnidirectional microphones, the radio distance can be up to 3 meters. Without deliberately increasing the volume and purchasing another microphone, it can have a good radio effect; With echo cancellation and noise reduction functions, participants from all parts of the office can have a meeting in the same conference room, with clear and recognizable sound, and can hold a meeting in the most noisy environment. The LCD display screen on the speaker can view relevant communication messages (caller information, call time, etc.) and carry out functional commands for the microphone video lens (answer, end, volume control, etc.)

cc3000e is equipped with a simple and easy-to-use remote control, with a control range of up to 3 meters. Users can control the video lens and speakers through the remote control, and can store them on the speaker base when not in use. It is not only beautiful but not easy to lose. Users can also directly control the whole conference system through the command button on the speaker; The lens and loudspeaker are respectively equipped with Kensington safety lock hole and anti-theft lock to prevent theft; It supports H.264 adaptive video coding (SVC) and UVC 1.5 technology. The video conference software will automatically adjust the bit rate of the picture according to the road bandwidth to ensure clear picture and stable sound

Logitech enterprise high-quality video conference camera cc3000e supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, and has passed Microsoft lync, Cisco compatible 2 (jabber, WebEx), Skype certification in terms of software compatibility, and has integrated vidyo. It can enjoy a complete experience on most UC platforms. The product provides 2-year limited hardware warranty, and has been listed in Taiwan. The recommended price in Taiwan is NT $29990

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