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London will install "laser eyes" to focus on vehicles with excessive pollution

laser cameras will be installed on the streets of London to specifically "capture" those vehicles with serious pollution. This "laser eye" can scan 3000 vehicles per hour, and can "find" the most polluted vehicles in one second. If it fails to meet the emission standards set by the UK Department of transport, the owner will face a fine of up to 90 pounds

according to the British Daily Mail, the London Transport Department will try out accuscan4600 electronic eye. When the vehicle passes by, the electronic eye will shoot the number plate and irradiate the exhaust gas through infrared and ultraviolet lasers to analyze the emission level of the vehicle in real time. It can also detect whether diesel vehicles emit excessive levels of particles, which are one of the causes of heart and lung disease. In addition, it can also measure the level of carbon dioxide and monoxide in exhaust emissions. The maximum braking force: 250kN carbon, and the content of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides

Accuscan4600 electronic eye is self-developed by Britain and costs 100000 pounds. 16 states in the United States have adopted it to curb pollution emissions. Once obtained, 3. The super long stroke can fully meet the test of materials with super large deformation rate; With the consent of kenlivingstone, the mayor of London, accuscan4600 will also appear on the streets of London for testing. Next February, Livingstone will open Britain's first "low emission zone" in London to limit the emissions of old trucks and other large vehicles using diesel engines. At that time, this new equipment can be used to help identify vehicles that cannot meet strict standards, and even when the emission range is expanded in 2010, it can be used to track trucks that pollute the environment. If successful, the "low emission zone" model of new containers that meet the testing requirements of the United Nations dangerous goods agreement is likely to be promoted in other parts of the UK

accusca4600 electronic eye trial has been welcomed by environmental groups and driving organizations. Vanessaguyll of the Automobile Association said, "as long as drivers are not immediately fined or punished, we support the use of it, because many times drivers do not know that their vehicles are unqualified or emit too many pollutants."

Darren, a member of the green party in the London Parliament? Darrenjohnson said, "if this pilot project is successful, I hope similar equipment can help remove vehicles from the streets of London during the most polluted experiment.

"The low emission area project will first take the trucks that have been used for many years and emit more pollution as the emission limit target. However, when the limit object is extended to light trucks and trucks, the London Transport Department will need to find new ways to deal with drivers who want to exploit loopholes.

"Air pollution is a big problem, but the local government has not taken it seriously enough. London citizens breathe toxic smoke every day, which is not only unpleasant, but also a serious threat to their health."

according to the regulations of the UK Department of transport, local governments have the right to check vehicle emission levels and impose fines on drivers who violate legal standards. But so far, the means of implementation are not practical. Inspection officials had to intercept the vehicle with the assistance of the police, and then use an electronic detector to measure the emission level of the vehicle

the survey shows that about 80% of London's traffic air pollution is caused by 10% of drivers

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