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Long term help more than 100 elderly "all-purpose electrician" Qian Haijun carefully light up the human lamp

in the old man Chen Yiru's house, Qian Haijun is replacing the broken socket panel

On November 20, Qian Haijun, the community manager of guocixi power supply company in Jinshan community, Cixi City, stepped into the home of Chen Yiru, an 88 year old man living alone. His smile immediately bloomed on the old man's wrinkled face. It's great for you to come and see me. I want to eat the rice you cooked! The old man shook Qian Haijun's hand as he spoke

Qian Haijun chatted with Chen Yiru, a lonely old man, and the two whispered

he became the son of the old man living alone

six years ago, Qian Haijun met old Chen Yiru in the course of completing an experimental voluntary power service. The old man's children are working in other places, and living alone is not very convenient for her. Qian Haijun took the initiative to take charge of a son, helping the old man buy vegetables, cook meals, and accompany the old man to see a doctor. The old man didn't think the dishes bought after 8 o'clock were fresh. Qian Haijun went to buy vegetables for the old man at 6 o'clock every morning and came to make lunch for the old man after work at noon. It was not until the old man invited relatives to help cook in the past two years that Qian Haijun was honored to be laid off. However, he still came to the old man's house from time to time to visit, chat with the old man, repair electrical appliances, etc

after chatting with the old man for half an hour and comforting the old man mentally, Qian Haijun got up and went to the bathroom and began to replace a grayish yellow socket on the wall. The old man said that the wire board was broken and the heater couldn't be plugged in when bathing in cold weather. With that, Qian Haijun skillfully unscrewed the screws and carefully removed the old panel. It was difficult to match the old bayonet with the newly bought socket panel parts. Qian Haijun climbed up and down the stairs five or six times, looking for suitable accessories from the trunk of his old car that he had driven for 13 years, and finally solved the problem. One hour has passed quietly, and the clock hour has pointed to 12:30 noon. Qian Haijun didn't want to stop work and go back to work for dinner. He also showed an electric light switch with potential safety hazards that CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical Company fully implemented the transformation of energy-saving technology and replaced it with a new one. Then he helped the old man overhaul the washing machine before he was ready to pack up and leave

trying to switch more smoothly, old Chen Yiru took money out of his pocket to pay money for naval materials, and was blocked back by Qian Haijun

looking at the sweat dripping from Qian Haijun's forehead, the old man warned with concern: you're too tired to eat

I can bear it. We have a team now. I'm not alone! I'll call you anytime! Qian Haijun said with a smile

Qian Haijun has three standing books in hand, which contain the numbers of many service objects

bring three by yourself and answer them at any time

speaking of Qian Haijun's philanthropy, it was due to a small thing in 1999: an old man living alone asked Qian Haijun to replace the fluorescent lamp starter. The old man was a factory level 8 electrician before retirement, because he couldn't change the starter because he was dazzled. The little problem baffled the old electrician, which made Qian Haijun feel that the old people whose children were not around needed too much care in life, and I should help them with my skills

therefore, Qian Haijun made 500 business cards with his own number printed in large font, and equipped three for this purpose to answer. From the initial distrust of being driven out of the house, to the money Navy when something happens behind, Qian Hai military sincerely lit up thousands of lights

Qian Haijun made a large number of business cards and sent them to the elderly for backup during community service.

as long as there is help, Qian Haijun will say yes without thinking. No matter how late he is busy, he will solve things one by one on the same day. At most, I received 21 requests for help in one day. Sometimes I would get up from my bed and hold a candle to repair the line for the old man in the middle of the night. The old man may only call me once in 365 days. They are anxious to ask me. How can I refuse

Qian Haijun's private car has become an engineering car. The trunk is filled with all kinds of spare parts he bought out of his own pocket. He never charges any fees for the maintenance of residents. The cost of this is expensive every year. Qian Haijun doesn't care about it at all, and takes this as a pleasure. Spending 3 yuan for a vegetarian dish in the canteen makes him shout that it's too expensive

in the evening, Qian Haijun was repairing lamps in the old couple's home. Two old people lit candles to illuminate Qian Haijun.

a light bulb turned into a lighthouse

learned that since becoming a community manager, Qian Haijun has provided free power maintenance services for community residents for 19 years, serving more than 10000 people voluntarily, with an average of more than 20 door-to-door services per week. He has paired up for a long time to help more than 100 empty nesters, widows, and the elderly who have lost their independence, and regularly helped them check electrical appliances Line, chat with them to relieve their boredom, send them to the hospital when they are sick, take food and clothing with their wife and daughter to visit the elderly during the Spring Festival, and also donate 22 poor students, known as the universal electrician

For this reason, Qian Haijun has been awarded the national model worker, the Sixth National nomination Award for moral model, the list of good people in China, the most beautiful volunteer in China, and the top ten outstanding volunteers in Zhejiang Province. B. six screws at both ends of the mobile beam; honor. Not long ago, he won the charity model of the China Charity Award and was the only winner of the national power system

in order to expand Qian Haijun's brand influence, let Qian Haijun not only emit the light of a light bulb, but also give play to the energy of a lighthouse, Ningbo power supply company has successively established Qian Haijun Communist Party member service team and Qian Haijun volunteer service center, which take one step more and help a little more as the service, and use the service slogan in the stretching process together with the tensile testing machine, Launched seven charity and public welfare service projects, including thousands of households, thousands of lights and stars lighting. Today, Qian Haijun's spirit warms more and more ordinary people, and public service is also changing from a bonsai into a landscape, from micro beauty to magnificence. Correspondent of modern gold news, Wang mubin, Yao Kebin, Zhang Peijian, Wen/photo

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