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Juli builds an industrial aircraft carrier, Beijing graphene Research Institute officially unveiled

graphene is known as the "king of new materials", which has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties, and has important application prospects in materials science, micro nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. With huge technological development potential, the development of the industry has been highly concerned by the industry

in recent years, graphene has been sought after all over the world. As the second largest graphite resource country in the world, China's graphene industry has also developed rapidly. According to the latest forward-looking data, the market scale is expected to reach 28billion yuan in 2018, and the industry has been expecting rapid development of automotive lightweight, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 70.48% in the next five years

graphene's good material properties and huge market potential have attracted countries around the world to invest a lot of money in graphene related research, and the technical achievements are very excellent

looking at the current situation of market development, foreign enterprises still occupy the key links of the global graphene industry chain, and maintain a leading edge in graphene preparation technology, composite materials, core electronic components and other application products. Looking back at China, under the guidance of national policies, graphene unified planning has been significantly accelerated, industry university research cooperation has penetrated the industrial chain, and the application is leading the world. Graphene technology is gradually approaching life

since 2018, the pace of technological innovation in the graphene field has continued to accelerate, and advanced achievements have been pouring out. German and American scientists cooperated to synthesize graphene nanoribbons with topological properties for the first time, which can be used to design non dissipative electronic devices. The Institute of mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has systematically studied the conductivity of three-dimensional graphene foam, which will promote the application of the material in functional devices. Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a high specific energy all solid state planar micro supercapacitor. The experimental parameters are set at the microcomputer operation panel: the experimental speed is 200mm/min and the sample length is 200mm, which provides a new strategy for the efficient preparation of doped graphene and high-performance micro supercapacitors

regional construction has also spared no effort to promote the development of graphene industrialization. In order to speed up the construction of national science and technology with global influence 1 Measurement range - the range between the minimum and maximum dimensions of materials or components that can be measured by the experimental machine through the measurement system. It is an innovation center to build a global leader in scientific and technological innovation and a key hub of innovation network. Since 2018, Beijing has built brand academic exchange activities in basic frontier fields such as graphene, which has helped the industry to reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal

October, 2018, "Beijing graphene forum 2018 and the unveiling ceremony of Beijing graphene Research Institute "Officially held. The establishment of Beijing graphene Research Institute aims to build the cornerstone and core competitiveness of the future graphene industry. The institute attaches equal importance to technology research and development and industrialization, and through the integration of government, industry, University and research, it will build a graphene industry aircraft carrier with global competitiveness and sustainable development.

the 21st century is a high-tech era. Only by mastering the leading technology can we seize the competitive initiative. The same is true in the graphene field. On the whole, Graphene also urgently needs to achieve breakthroughs in high-end core technology, so as to move towards industrialization, efficiency and large-scale development

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