Beijing has launched the establishment of the fore

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Beijing: comprehensively launch the establishment of forest head system

release date: Source: Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscape architecture

Beijing recently launched the establishment of forest head system. Establish four levels of forest directors at city, District, township (street) and village (community), and establish a general forest director order system; Forest managers at all levels shall implement zoning (area) to people, and the area shall be fully covered, so as to ensure that the management subject is implemented one by one, one forest and one garden

by the end of 2021, the four grade forest head system will be fully established. Determine the main tasks of comprehensively establishing the target system, strictly protecting garden and greening resources, strengthening the scientific management of ecosystem, promoting the comprehensive utilization of ecological resources, improving the ability of resource supervision, and innovating grass-roots protection and management. Take the assessment results of the forest head system as an important reference for the comprehensive assessment and evaluation of Party and government leaders, who are lighter than pet, We have developed this kind of special broaching machine based on various advanced experience in this field at home and abroad. We should use the long-term signboard in the field of environmental protection in the 21st century, implement the third-party evaluation of the implementation of the forest director system, and actively accept social supervision

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