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London Fire Brigade chose Allison gearbox because of its rapid response and reliability

London Fire Brigade chose Allison gearbox because of its rapid response and reliability

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126 Mercedes Benz atego trucks equipped with Allison 3000 series are about to be delivered; The fire fighting and rescue team in the British capital renewed 62

the Beijing London Fire Brigade (LFB) designated Allison full-automatic transmission as its advantage of providing greater torque for all fields when the vehicle starts and uninterrupted power when shifting gears, which improves the team's emergency response time

the order delivery time of 126 Mercedes Benz atego trucks equipped with Allison automatic transmission spans two years and is about to be delivered. In August this year, the fleet ordered 62 fire engines with the same configuration. Because the full-automatic performance of Allison transmission is better than AMT transmission equipped with dry clutch, the team chose Allison 3000 series as standard

with continuous power technology ™ (uninterrupted power technology), Allison's patented torque converter multiplies the engine torque when the vehicle starts. The Allison transmission system will automatically record the new zero adjustment value, measure without gear differentiation, and do not adjust. The power of the zero transmission is uninterrupted during gear shifting, smoothly transmits the power to the driving wheel, and maximizes the working efficiency between the engine and the transmission

all the new ategos are converted into dual-purpose elevator (DPL) fire engines, and more than 450 fire engines, command vehicles and support vehicle trains managed and maintained by Babcock international group are added. Babcock group also provided the fire brigade with suggestions on the configuration and design of this latest water pumping fire truck

Neil Corcoran, the engineering and technical manager of the LFB fleet of Babcock international, said: "the reason for choosing Allison gearbox is that it is fast in response and strong in handling. On the other hand, it has proved to be a reliable solution for LFB vehicle operation."

lfb experience shows that Allison automatic transmission is very reliable with extremely low maintenance requirements. "We have experienced that Allison transmission, especially in the integrated hydraulic retarder and PTO, only requires very little maintenance. There is no doubt that the reliability of vehicle equipment is crucial to emergency rescue services."

the 126 atego vehicles are equipped with cockpits made by German company MAGIRUS GmbH, and the engineering modification of fire truck body and fire truck is in the charge of emergency one UK Co., Ltd. in Scotland

the loading weight of the new fire truck is about 11.5 tons, the maximum output torque of its 7.7-liter engine is 1100nm, and the power is 272hp (200 kW). With Allison 3000 series engine, the maximum output torque can reach 1695nm and the power can reach 450hp (336 kW). The transmission has been carefully designed to perfectly adapt and operate efficiently in various application fields, providing the choice of wide speed ratio and narrow speed ratio. It has two PTO power take-off devices driven by engines and the fifth generation advanced electronic control system. Food, clothing, housing and transportation related to people's life are closely related to plastics, so as to enhance operating performance. An integrated retarder can also be selected to improve vehicle braking performance and reduce brake wear

dpl fire engines are usually equipped with a 9-meter-long ladder, a 13.5-meter ladder, or both. High pressure water pipes with a diameter of 22mm and a length of 72m are equipped on both sides of the vehicle, which can carry 1365 liters of water at most, plus water belt bridges, water bags, inflatable airbags, cutting equipment, rechargeable lights, road signs, medical kits, defibrillators and respirators. Despite these loads, the vehicle also 5 gold tools torque detection equipment has its unique product characteristics: it must respond quickly, and can be accurately controlled to respond to emergency rescue needs

thanks to its excellent reliability and durability, as well as maximizing vehicle performance and minimizing operating costs, Allison transmission is widely used in emergency rescue services worldwide

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