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Logitech was listed in the "best of year" annual list, and improved the video conference experience with innovative technology

on August 31, the annual list of best of year 2 and precautions in the application of friction and wear testing machine in the information-based audio-visual industry jointly selected by many excellent enterprises in the information-based audio-visual industry, industry associations and expert representatives was announced

with its exquisite design and excellent hardware strength, Logitech link b1000, a video conference host tailored by Logitech for the Chinese market, has won the best of Goldilocks pp-lgf product in the information audio-visual industry, which not only has excellent mechanical properties, but also the innovative product screening award 1 in the annual list of year

since its establishment in Switzerland in 1981, Logitech has always adhered to the concept of helping users create, achieve and enjoy products and experiences. Logitech has always been favored by consumers for its excellent design concept and excellent product quality. In the past five years alone, Logitech products have won many design awards, including the red dot design award, the German if design award and other top design awards

from 2018 to 2020, Logitech's continuous pursuit in the field of design has also led Logitech to be selected as the world's top 10 most innovative companies by the world's influential business magazine fast company for three consecutive years

Logitech was awarded the quality award of innovative products in the best of year annual list of information audio-visual industry, which also means that in the field of video collaboration in China, Logitech has gained high recognition in the industry in terms of design innovation, hardware products 5, operation quality and product performance, such as strictly prohibiting the replacement of mandrel, angle change and speed regulation, etc. we should have more direct and fruitful cooperation in the mineral field

Chen mingbin, head of Logitech's video collaboration business in Greater China

at the awards ceremony, ecological cooperation has always been Logitech's most important DNA. Logitech has always adhered to the pursuit of outstanding design concepts, promoted the innovation and iteration of hardware products, and worked with cloud video software partners to provide more intelligent, convenient and cost-effective video collaboration solutions for more enterprise users

head of Logitech Greater China video collaboration business

with the increasing maturity of Internet, IOT, cloud computing and other technologies, the remote office industry chain has entered the fast lane of development, and the global enterprise collaboration service market continues to explode on both the demand side and the supply side

according to the 2020 China Video Conference Industry Research Report released by iResearch consulting 4, the size of China's video conference market will rise from 16.15 billion yuan in 2020 to 21.89 billion yuan in 2023, and the cloud video conference system will achieve a compound growth rate of 24.8%

Logitech launched the video conference host for China's cloud video software ecosystem partners at the right time. In addition to adhering to the company's consistent exquisite design and high-quality performance, Logitech link b1000 is a video conference host based on Android system, which can flexibly build a powerful conference platform with intelligent functions. By matching with Logitech's full range of audio and video peripherals, the modular and flexible combination also makes the product suitable for the video call experience requirements of large, medium and small conference room scenes, so as to meet the various video collaboration needs of enterprise users of different sizes

for Logitech, all the honors and recognition are just another monument on the way forward. Logitech always adheres to the gene and concept of open cooperation, and continues to provide users with disruptive innovation experience by using its rich experience and technology accumulation in the field of USB peripherals

in the future, Logitech will go deep into more scenes, explore more cooperation opportunities in vertical fields, and continue to create a better video collaboration experience for Chinese enterprise users

Logitech link b1000 won the quality award for innovative products in the best of year annual list of the information audio-visual industry on August 31, 2020. This award is jointly awarded by IMAS audio visual workshop, Shenzhen Federation of engineers and Shenzhen Isle exhibition. The quality award for innovative products is a national award, which mainly selects the products that meet the annual innovation and quality standards from the hardware products of the information audio-visual industry

Logitech cc5000e won the red dot design award in 2019. This award is presented by the design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Designers Association. The red dot design award is an international award, mainly for works that stand out from their peers with extraordinary design. Logitech cc5000e was awarded the if design award in 2019, which was presented by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum. The if design award is an international award, which is mainly awarded to design works with outstanding performance in product design, communication design and packaging design

Logitech was rated as one of the top ten most innovative companies in the world by fast company for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020. This award is an international award, issued by fast company, Inc. thousands of companies worldwide apply every year, and 10 are selected by a number of senior, and contributors of the magazine

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