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Logitech G305 mouse is released and supports long endurance mode

the biggest feature of Logitech G305 is that it is equipped with the same hero optical sensor as G603. It is reported that after three years of development, hero optical sensor can provide smooth adjustment of 200~12000 DPI without delay, bring excellent use experience, and fully meet the needs of friends

moreover, compared with the current mainstream original 3366 scheme, the hero optical sensor can improve the endurance of the mouse by 8 to 10 times compared with the latter on the premise of maintaining the same performance accuracy. It has better endurance ability. It can also provide longer endurance when placed in the mouse, and daily use is more enjoyable

Logitech G305 is equipped with hero, which can judge whether the sensor signal of the tensile testing machine is normal. Although it is powered by only two AA batteries, it can last up to 250 hours in the game (1ms report 9. Thermotropic liquid crystal polymer: the intermediate polymer ratio between solid crystallization and liquid); Moreover, it supports the long battery life mode. The mouse can be used for 9 months when it is fully charged, and the 8ms reporting rate can meet the needs of users

in addition to this control part, this mouse has 6 programmable keys, which users can set in advance according to their needs. The operation is simple and the game is more enjoyable; Moreover, the service life of the left and right buttons of the mouse is up to 10million times, so as to achieve better economic performance and fully meet the game needs of players. It is reported that Logitech G305 will be launched at the end of the month, and we need your attention

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