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Long legged girl and mechanical behemoth after 95 "know girl" Xiao Xi formed a record

(the scene of the first know girl finals)

this topic will start with the famous "Beijing Normal University locomotive goddess" pink Xiaosha a few years ago. A photo of her riding a motorcycle at the intersection waiting for a red light quickly made her popular in major community forums. Long legs, female knights, heavy motorcycles, such pictures are full of youth and hormones. Fan Xiaosha immediately attracted countless boys, and at the same time became Xiao Xi's life idol, who was still a high school student

"it's cool for a girl to live like this!"

Xiao Xi, a Chongqing girl born in 1997, realized that girls can live such a natural and unrestrained life after knowing pink little ferocious. At this time, Xiao Xi was deeply interested in the value of the automobile spring fatigue testing machine. Learning zither since childhood, she resolutely gave up her pursuit of art. From then on, she believed that riding a motorcycle on the track and driving an SUV across the grassland desert was her destination

at the age of 21, she is still an undergraduate student. Her classmates are still wasting their last college time wantonly, and she has been unable to resist the call from the roar of the engine in her heart, stepped into the automotive field, and became a member of the Automotive News society

as a newcomer in the car circle, she has a shape that doesn't match her peers. With a height of 167 and a weight of 48kg, a pair of long rustproof good legs, a cool temperament but a wild heart, quite like the shadow of the pink little ferocious that fascinated me in those days. Since entering the industry, with its distinctive personal characteristics, it has gained many fans on the Tiktok and chedi platforms. People have to sigh, and the younger generation is awesome

set out for the "understanding girl"

just two days ago, Xiao Xi, on behalf of Che wenshe, went to Guangzhou to participate in the "riders' Carnival and" understanding girl "organized by Che Di, which was her first time in front of her riders

(the rehearsal scene of the girls' final)

on the go kart track, 18 girls who are selected by the national audition show their driving skills. Xiao Xi didn't master his skills at the beginning, so he hit the wall when he started, but after adjusting his state, he got a foot of floor oil, flew sand and stones, and drifted all the way around the bend, crying out for fun

not only Xiao Xi, but also all the girls who participated in this activity are excellent enough to be heinous. They not only have professional automobile knowledge, but also have rich experience to continuously consolidate their technical strength and unique skills. Listening to Xiao Xi, the experiences of these girls are very exciting. Any one of them can push me to the ground and rub me. Let's briefly feel how good a girl who loves a car can be

horse herders travel around 37 countries

wild 11, currently studying in the UK. But she loves traveling and has long set her sights on the world. The little sister has measured the land of 37 countries with her steps and recorded her youth on the continents of various countries. Moreover, her car is still the dream car in the hearts of many hard core young people - the Wrangler. It's so cool to live and pursue dreams

radio anchor + Tiktok celebrity

Miss Wu Nan, anchor of Jiangsu Radio Station's car program. On Tiktok, a lot of people gathered with funny and creative videos. It's a bit like Han Han's feeling of free switching between the dual identities of writer and driver. But speaking of it, sister zhu'er of our car news club is also such a versatile player

I saw Rolls Royce when I opened my eyes. I'm so annoyed.

Xu xiaoxian'er, former teacher of Vocal Music Department of Sichuan Conservatory of music. Originally, it was the envy of many people, but they felt dissatisfied. They resigned after a word of disagreement and started a media company. The car is a Rolls Royce Gusteau. Because her son likes cars, she also began to come into contact with the automotive industry and is determined to be the most singing girl in the automotive industry. I really want to experience the feeling that I'm tired of seeing RR labels

college students + after 95 car circles

of course, this is our car news agency Xiao Xi. Former president of the student union, she has excellent social ability, and she chose to enter the automotive field before graduating from university. With the temperament and funny personality of cold outside and hot inside, nearly 10 million traffic has been accumulated on the Tiktok and chedi creative small video platform. Although junior, he has a bright personality and a promising future. We must praise our own people here, excellent

however, compared with your experienced predecessors, our classmate Xiao Xi was still a little immature, and finally regretted to stop at 12. However, as a rookie in the car circle, she participated in such a competition for the first time. It was brave to take a careful examination of the current economic situation in China. In the days to come, Xiao Xi, the "understanding girl", and all colleagues of Che wenshe will continue to work hard


the words after the car news club

whether it is the cold and gorgeous queen or the warm little sister next door, as long as it is accompanied by the mechanical giant beast, it is a fascinating combination. From the original "Beijing Normal University locomotive goddess" fan Xiaohan to today's "understanding girls", including Xiao Xi, let us see how good a car loving girl can be. If you have such a girl around, please don't miss it

("understanding girl" Xiao Xi's personal Weibo id:@aazurexx)

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