Why some GTA students arent happy with the modifie

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Why some GTA students aren't happy with the modified semesters they'll face in September | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When it comes to the upcoming?school year,?Jason Wong says he’s?riddled with anxiety — and he’s not alone.

The Grade 11 student at Earl Haig Secondary School in Toronto says he’s heard from?several students who are?concernedlatest report says; Top disease control official says Chinese vaccines not very powerful - Today News Post?about the new modified semester, one of them being how the school day will be organized.

“I am honestly still confused about what the schedule looks likeThe aid is offered throug,” said?Wong, who is also the student body president.

“Having these two-hour, 30-minute classes and not having an asynchronous break in betweenThe province on Monday reported a record COVID-19 patients in ICUs., then only having a 45- minute lunch, it’s simply not enough time for the kids to recuperate,” Wong told CBC News.

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