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Taifu heavy equipment group kicked off its first process reengineering activity

Taifu heavy equipment group kicked off its first process reengineering activity

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"Taifu is an open enterprise. We encourage managers and workers who are impulsive, passionate and have ideas to use this platform to realize their own value and give full play to their maximum strength!" On the afternoon of April 26, at the company's process reengineering conference held in the multi-function hall of Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park, Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment group, made a mobilization report loudly, opening the prelude to the company's first process reengineering activity since its establishment

Taifu heavy equipment group kicked off the first process reengineering activity

"the new situation has put forward new requirements for our development. We should open up a new road in the industrial 4.0 era with new ideas and new actions!" At the meeting, Zhang Yong, chairman of Taifu heavy equipment group, made a keynote speech on "new situation, new ideas and new actions". Zhang Yong pointed out that at present, the downward pressure on China's economy has increased, exports have declined, and the real estate market has declined. Infrastructure construction has become the mainstream of domestic investment in cables. Taifu heavy equipment just grasps this development opportunity and highly conforms to the national "the Belt and Road" development strategy

therefore, he asked all the cadres of the group to recognize the form, keep up with the pulse of the times, actively grasp the development opportunities, strengthen learning, and build Taifu heavy equipment group into a comprehensive technology platform with a high sense of national mission, successively build information factories in Jiuhua and Tianjin, build IOT information service platforms, and better improve the financial and industrial platform on this basis, Strive to create a new modern industrial and enterprise construction mode belonging to Taifu, realize manufacturing modernization, intelligentize product operation, and integrate systems with things, so as to make full preparations for the leapfrog development of Taifu and lay a solid foundation

"continuous improvement is the magic weapon for the development of Taifu!" Chairman Zhang Yong said that this process reengineering should be based on objective evaluation and in the form of competitive employment, and select a group of passionate young cadres who agree with the company's goals and adapt to the company's development. I hope all managers should treat "process reengineering" correctly, because it is the only way for enterprises to develop and grow

facing the future, Zhang Yong hopes that all rich people, especially managers, will be confident, dare to accept challenges, dare to overcome challenges, and be good at winning challenges. He hopes that Taifu's team managers can agree with the corporate goals, have innovation awareness and passion, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint with the spirit of teamwork

the LDW electronic tensile testing machine aimed at strengthening the company's process management training was presided over by you Zhiyuan, vice president of the group, and all cadres above director level attended the meeting. At the meeting, all managers watched the 0.21 ~ 0.24 video of BMW high tech assembly, learned Ren Zhengfei's speech at Huawei's 2015 market work conference, and listened to the feelings of Shen Xiaowei, general manager of Taifu heavy industry, on the German industrial journey and Liu Rong, deputy general manager of Strategic Investment Promotion Department of Tianjin project department, on the Tianjin platform

through the process reengineering mobilization meeting, the participants not only had a deeper understanding of the group's development strategy and development trends, but also increased their recognition of the company's future goals and confidence in the future development of the enterprise 2 experimental power minimum reading (n) 0.01 0.10 industry. According to the plan, the company will comprehensively promote the process reengineering of the group in May

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