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P & G actively promotes the work related to climate protection

release date: Source: PR News Agency

P & G announced a new commitment to promote the company's global operations to achieve carbon neutrality and harmony in the next decade through a series of measures to protect, improve and restore the ecological environment. P & G is well aware that the next decade is a critical time window for the world to accelerate the process of coping with climate change, so P & G decided to make new commitments on the basis of established goals. In addition to the current goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% based on science, P & G will also promote the implementation of a series of natural solutions to deal with climate change, promote the realization of carbon benefits, offset the remaining carbon emissions in the next decade, and make the company's operations carbon neutral. According to the current situation, it is estimated that from 2020 to 2030, P & G needs to offset about 30million tons of carbon emissions

the primary task of P & G is still to reduce carbon emissions. P & G aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and purchase 100% renewable electricity. At present, various commitments are moving forward steadily. In addition, P & G will continue to promote wind, solar and geothermal projects and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. These measures of P & G fully meet the requirements of climate science and will continue until 2030 and beyond, contributing to the control of global temperature rise. Unfortunately, at today's technological level, some emissions will still not be completely eliminated by 2030. In view of this, P & G will increase its investment in natural solutions to climate change in the next decade, and continue to bring more positive impacts to social development

P & G China is committed to green innovation and contributes to climate protection

P & G China also plays an important role in coping with climate change. Through continuous innovation, P & G China contributes to climate protection from the brand, supply chain and other aspects

supply chain:

P & G Taicang factory, which produces Hafis, Pantene, Piao Rou, Sassoon, Bilang, tide, and dangni, was built around the concept of "Suzhou garden" and "from nature" at the beginning of its design in 2012. It is one of P & G's most sustainable factories in the world. Taicang plant is the first P & G plant in the world to use 100%. In this case, 1 is a plant with relatively high wind energy gap; P & G is the first local enterprise to cooperate with the government to establish a sustainable power procurement system. P & G is actively seeking more wind, solar and geothermal projects in more regions to further accelerate the dry mass loss of a single brick to renewable energy,% not greater than the transition

P & G takes consumers as the center, raises environmental protection to the core link, and creates a sustainable green supply chain network with rapid response and full link coordination. In 2020, P & G will restructure its network scale, improve the efficiency of long-distance transportation, remove nodes and intermediaries. The new logistics network will shorten the distance between P & G and customers by 35%, resulting in an annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of about 1700 tons, equivalent to planting nearly 90000 trees

when the same goods are transported for the same distance, railway transportation can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 52% compared with traditional road transportation. Adhering to the concept of green innovation and win-win future, relying on the advantages of low-carbon and environmental protection of railway, P & G adopts combined transportation mode, adjusts transportation structure, reduces road freight volume and increases railway freight volume

since 2017, P & G has taken the lead in promoting e-commerce direct delivery packaging without express boxes on all e-commerce platforms, saving more than 8000 tons of paper per year. At present, P & G has been listed in 10 categories of e-commerce direct hair packaging, and has achieved outstanding results in the industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements. In 2019, a total of 48million direct hair packaging without additional express boxes were issued. P & G is also the first in the FMCG industry to promote the listing of reusable packaging boxes, and has used P & G supply chain resources to work with suppliers and e-commerce platforms to build China's first e-commerce channel recycling network. As of June 2020, a total of 120000 boxes of recycled box products have been listed, and it is expected to expand to more than 4million boxes in the next 12 months, reducing the use of more than 1000 tons of paper

Virginia helias, P & G's chief sustainable development officer, said: "As an industry leader, we have promoted a low emission economy and lifestyle, so that everyone can live such a life and improve consumer satisfaction. We have protected important carbon reserves and increased investment in solutions that help restore the ecological environment. Consumers also hope to make more efforts to cope with climate change. Our brand can reach 5billion consumers, and we are trying to make changes every day to encourage people We use effective and easy-to-use products in a negative way to develop new low emission habits. " On July 16, P & G also joined hands with experts and climate change leaders to participate in a round table hosted by National Geographic to discuss the role of nature based solutions to climate change

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