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Taifu heavy equipment group held the 2017 annual summary and commendation conference

Taifu heavy equipment group held the 2017 annual summary and commendation conference

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on February 7, "we work together to believe in the future" - the 2017 annual summary and commendation conference of Taifu heavy equipment group was grandly held in the auditorium of Hunan software vocational college. The meeting summarized the work performance of the group in the past year and commended a number of outstanding teams and individuals. More than 700 people including Group executives, job pacesetters, outstanding collective representatives, rich star, employees above the deputy director level and specially invited family representatives attended the commendation meeting

leaders' speech

Zhang Yong, chairman of the group, first congratulated the winning collectives and individuals, and expressed his gratitude for the contributions made by all Taifu people to the development of the group in the past year. In his speech, he said that in 2017, the group made some achievements in market expansion, industrial layout, technical level, industrial platform, project construction, comprehensive strength, internal management and brand construction. All achievements can not be achieved without the joint efforts and efforts of every Thai rich man and the persistence of every team in their dreams. Taifu is an enterprise with strategic vision, and also an enterprise that complies with the public sentiment. The group will strive to gradually improve the welfare treatment of employees, so that every Taifu person can enjoy the fruits of Taifu's development

at the same time, he also said that while celebrating the achievements, we should also face the reality directly. From the appearance of the flat metal fatigue fracture surface, it is called fatigue fracture table. The construction of Taifu heavy equipment, which has changed from the investment period to the market explosion period, has met multiple challenges such as management and capital. An enterprise, especially a fast-growing enterprise such as Taifu heavy equipment, has inevitable difficulties, but the difficulties are only temporary. As a Taifu person, we should have the spirit of not admitting defeat. No matter how big the difficulties are, we are not afraid of them. The more difficult it is, the more we should face the difficulties, work hard to overcome them and move forward bravely. Because of this spirit, the enterprise will have today

the next commendation session is brilliant, with highlights. Senior executives of the group presented awards to the teams and individuals who won the post pacesetter, excellent collective and rich star respectively, encouraging them to continue to maintain their passion, create more value for the company and make new contributions

conference site

2017 is also the fifth anniversary of the establishment and development of Taifu heavy equipment. The video "2017 year end and fifth anniversary summary film" broadcast on the conference site led everyone to summarize the gains of the past year and recall the highlights and moves of the past five years. The old employees talked about the days when they shared weal and woe with Taifu. The seemingly ordinary past is full of the mission and dreams of Taifu people along the way

in 2017, Taifu people seized the opportunity and dared to be the first, and the general contracting mode of industrial engineering was further recognized by the market; The industrial layout has been deepened, and projects such as Sierra Leone have officially started construction; Technological innovation and quality (3) turn on the total power supply of the experimental machine in sequence, and the power management of computers and displays have been recognized by the society and industry; The group has made major changes in "dividing small business units and implementing the economic system"; Dare to take responsibility and give back to the society, held the "May Day" large-scale public welfare symphony concert, and actively participated in social public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, flood fighting and rescue. Taifu heavy equipment group, a supplier specializing in polymers, said that every achievement of the group witnessed the sonorous steps of Taifu people to work together and forge ahead

the Golden Rooster leaves the old year, and the auspicious dog sends spring. Looking back on the changes and growth in 2017, full of confidence and hope in 2018, in the new year, with challenges and opportunities, Taifu heavy equipment group will open a new picture and create a new future

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