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Oxford Instruments is deeply rooted in the industry, and the annual "China Scientific Instrument Development Annual Conference" of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer x

was grandly held in the Beijing exhibition hall recently. The conference was jointly sponsored by the China instrumentation industry association, the analytical instrument branch of the China instrumentation society, and instrument information, and co organized by China analytical testing. A comprehensive inventory of the scientific instrument industry in 2008 was conducted, and awards such as "2008 excellent new products of scientific instruments" and "2008 manufacturers and products most concerned by users" were selected

Oxford Instruments' newly launched handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer x-met5100 was rated as "2008 excellent new product of scientific instruments" for non automatic control professional experimenters. The product is characterized by ensuring the accuracy of laboratory quality analysis of aluminum and titanium alloys. Its sensitivity to detecting the light metal elements contained in copper, nickel, steel and other metal materials is also unparalleled. Without the help of complex vacuum pumps or helium tanks and other ancillary equipment, Langsheng announced the construction of a new production plant of high-performance plastics in China, magnesium, aluminum Light elements such as silicon are measured. The powerful combination of silicon drift detector (SDD), 45 kV X-ray tube and empirical coefficient analysis method means that x-met5100 can accurately analyze and determine the composition of metal alloys in just one second. Restricted substances (heavy metal elements), lead in toys, pollutants in soil and trace substances in ores can be accurately measured at a speed that was never possible in the past, although scientific research institutes have made achievements in tracking new technologies. Within a few seconds, the ppm level trace element detection results can be obtained

this rugged portable XRF light element testing tool is designed for the following industry applications:

- metal material reliability identification (PMI)

- scrap metal recycling industry

- environmental heavy metal monitoring (soil and RoHS)

- Aviation and automotive industry

- mineral exploration, on-site excavation control and mine mapping

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