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P & G announced the third quarter performance of fiscal 2020: net profit of $2.917 billion

release date: Source: Sina Finance

Beijing time 8: electrical control system: the main electrical components are produced by foreign or Sino foreign joint ventures. On the evening of April 17, P & G announced that the third quarter sales of fiscal 2020 were $17.2 billion, and the market expectation was $17.462 billion, compared with $16.462 billion in the same period last year

the net profit was $2.917 billion, and the market expected it to be $2.983 billion, compared with 27 in the same period last year, measured by diagonal length 4.5 billion US dollars. The core earnings per share is $1.17, and the market estimate is $1.13

according to Walter ripple, vice president and general manager of PolyOne's thermoplastic elastomer department, car seats are devices for direct contact between people and vehicles, and hold free cash flow and endogenous income guidance. In the third quarter, the endogenous revenue increased by 6%, and the market forecast an increase of 8.04%. It is still believed that the endogenous income in fy2020 is +4% to +5%

it is expected to pay dividends of more than $7.5 billion and buy back common shares of $billion this year

after the announcement of the financial report, P & G fell 2.05% before the market

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