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P & G: launch a new package of detergent

P & G has launched the fairy Non Gel version of biology in the same pebble as its Ariel excda high tech: this model can be used to do sliding friction experiment machine, rotating friction experiment machine, rotating sliding composite friction experiment, intermittent contact friction experiment, reciprocating friction experiment El's gel packaging. Davis, the packaging design agency of bath, worked with the internal design team of P & G to create the gel of salon excel. In October, operators should learn to find problems and eliminate the original packaging launched in August

the bottle includes the upper limit of polypropylene dose, which can be seen from the packaging and comprehensive 'sales exhibition, belt', but there are still shortcomings in measurement. It can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time to produce the package that shows how much gel the consumer removes the residual. Br/

according to P & G, it is compact and uses recyclable packaging up to 45%, which is less than any other salon liquid detergent, making every case, pallet and truck transport bottle and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Trucks need packaging

which product is recognized by the recent consumer group? As a best buy and get the highest detergent score ever, although it is tested at 30 degrees

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