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P & G China Mission 2030 sustainable development goal release date: Source: P & G China on November 6, at the third China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "China Import Expo"), P & G China released the sustainable development goal for the next decade - mission 2030

P & G hopes that by focusing on the three key challenges of climate change, waste and water resources, and integrating P & G China's "mission 2030" sustainable development goals into top brands, global supply chains, communities and employees, P & G will achieve the scale effect of sustainable development and make our earth home a better place

mission 2030 P & G contributes to the construction of a beautiful China

as a negative global corporate citizen, P & G has always insisted on integrating environmental sustainable development into enterprise operations. And always uphold the commitment of sustainable development on a global scale

Ma Ruisi, President and chairman of P & G Greater China, said, "our world is facing three most urgent challenges: climate change, waste and water resources. P & G's business attribute means that we can help cope with environmental challenges and achieve positive results on a large scale. P & G will always adhere to the principle of sustainable development and strive to become a positive and good force in society."

xuyoujie, chief sustainable development officer of P & G Greater China, announced at the press conference that the theme of P & G's sustainable development was "this is our planet, our home, and action is urgent". Xu Youjie said that P & G has a tradition of sustainable development for nearly 70 years. In the future, P & G China will focus on the mission 2030 goal framework, integrate the efforts of all parties, actively promote the implementation of a series of natural solutions, and contribute to the sustainable development of a beautiful China

specifically, the goal involves three areas: climate change, waste and water resources

in the field of climate change, P & G China will respond to the headquarters' goal to achieve carbon neutrality in operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. All P & G factories in China use 100% renewable energy, and the transportation emissions per ton kilometer are reduced by 50%; At the same time, China will promote the implementation of nature based solutions to climate change, and bring carbon benefits through the protection, improvement and restoration of natural ecosystems

in the field of waste, P & G promises to reduce its environmental footprint and commit to circular economy solutions. By 2030, 100% packaging can be recycled or reused; By 2030, 80% of e-commerce businesses will realize that there is no need to express secondary packaging from factory to consumer

in the field of water resources protection, P & G promises to be committed to protecting water resources for mankind and nature, and to achieve a 35% increase in the efficiency of production water use by 2030

promote a green economy, P & G and consumers work together to create a positive impact

according to the survey of Ipsos, the world's third largest research group, on "environmental issues of concern to the Chinese public and protective measures they are willing to participate in", the public's environmental issues of greatest concern to the Chinese public are air pollution, global warming, water pollution and waste disposal. In their view, environmental protection is an important external manifestation of a sustainable lifestyle, and they are also willing to make changes for a sustainable lifestyle and advocate others to protect the environment

at the press conference, Chen Yu, President of P & G Greater China supply chain, and Janine miletic, President of P & G Greater China shampoo and care category, shared the topic of "how enterprises work together with Chinese consumers to promote green consumption"

in fact, over the years, P & G has taken many measures to help Chinese families achieve "green consumption" and help the development of China's circular economy. In 2020, P & G Meishang business department launched the brand project of "conscientious and perfect reshaping new life". Guided by the five principles of "product safety, quality and effectiveness, sustainability, transparency, equality and inclusiveness", the project hopes to promote business growth in a negative way and contribute to human and social development

herbal essentials, a hair care brand under P & G that participated in the project, cooperated with Qiu yuan, a British Royal Botanical Garden that must regulate according to the loading speed of the sample specification this year to strictly identify the key plant components in the products; At the same time, it joined hands with the Royal Botanical Garden and the Kunming Institute of botany to support the Millennium Seed Bank project. Save China's endangered plants and protect biodiversity

in terms of supply chain, taking e-commerce as an example, P & G is the first to innovate the e-commerce direct hair packaging "xiaolvbao" in the Chinese market, replacing the traditional packaging method, which not only reduces the leakage and damage, reduces the express volume by more than 30%, but also comprehensively eliminates the secondary packaging in the process, and realizes the reduction of secondary packaging in one year. 5. The CSI coal index should select relevant stocks as 5million constituent stocks from the coal and consumer fuel industry, Reduce 170million air filling bags and 8000 tons of paper waste. And P & G is the first to promote the use of recycling containers "big green treasure" in the industry, and realize "no packaging that needs to be discarded" in the large logistics transportation network

in addition, P & G has built a green and efficient e-commerce supply chain. Driven by big data and artificial intelligence, it has effectively shortened the distance between products and consumers, and realized "there is only one courier from the end of the production line to consumers". It is estimated that in 2020 alone, carbon dioxide emissions from 1.87 million ton kilometers of freight will be reduced

at the press conference, the 2020 "P & G China Pioneer plan" with the theme of "youth and nature based solutions" was also released at the same time. Xu Guang, President of the China Environmental Protection Foundation, believes that P & G China's sustainable development goals this time clarify the enterprise action goals and measures for the next decade, and its maximum lifting amount is no more than 0.1mm; It is consistent with China's strategic goal to loosen the tightening spiral and drive relevant parties to take action

"P & G China Pioneer program" program will also drive and support Chinese college students to pay attention to climate change, participate in biodiversity conservation, and put forward proposals and programs for Chinese youth to promote "nature based solutions"; At the same time, we should give full play to young pioneers, contribute the wisdom of Chinese youth to the construction of ecological civilization and global environmental governance, and cultivate excellent talents for China's ecological environmental protection cause

in P & G's view, as a global company with more than 5billion consumers and a tradition of sustainable development for nearly 70 years, it has the potential to make the world a better place, do its part to protect the earth, and get close to and beautify the lives of present and future generations. In the future, P & G China will always adhere to the principle of sustainable development, actively contribute to coping with global environmental problems, and become a positive and good force in society

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