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On August 17, Oxford Instruments and green imaging technologies announced the launch of geospec2+ product, which is the latest product of the well-known geospec series NMR core analyzer. The two companies combined their world-leading NMR knowledge and experience to once again promote the application of NMR in the field of oil and natural gas

geospec2+ has a new compact electronic console with further improved performance. It is also equipped with a set of new monitoring and diagnostic software that will further improve the quality of refined oil products, which means that users can better control the quality and traceability of results. The operating software has also been upgraded and improved to ensure the effectiveness of service assurance. Advanced users can define their own protocols and applications, so the internally developed methods can be easily applied to other stations. The cast iron specimen is pressurized until the specimen is destroyed

the model range is expanded

the current geospec series NMR analyzer includes industry standards 2MHz (sample diameter from half an inch to 6 inches), 12Mhz (low porosity samples increase sensitivity) and 20MHz (the tightest rock samples can also be analyzed). The dedicated overlay unit (P5 unit) is available for most models. P5 unit provides NMR users with technology to pressurize the core sample to 5000 psi and heat it to 100 C. The measurement is as close to the reservoir conditions as possible

Barry Jones, director of MRI marketing and sales of Oxford Instruments, said: "this latest geospec product proves the commitment of Oxford Instruments and green imaging technology: to maintain geospec's position in the selection of NMR core analyzers by global industrial and academic users"

from basic core analysis to advanced methods

all geospec models are delivered to Chengdu and equipped with lithometrix software to control and monitor the instrument equipment. If there is any doubt, it will perform basic rock physical property measurements, such as porosity, self movable/bound fluid, pore size distribution and T2 cut-off value. Advanced git system software can also be used to measure saturation profile, spatial T2 distribution, capillary pressure, and further application research. So no matter what kind of NMR core analyzer you need, geospec will have the corresponding hardware and software combination to meet your needs

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