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Oxford Instruments appeared at the 2013 International Materials Conference

the 2013 international materials conference was grandly opened in Qingdao on September 23, which is also the largest and most professional material in China. At the top of the two clamping jaws, one auxiliary oil cylinder is fixed on the frame respectively; Each exhibition will attract tens of thousands of professional visitors from domestic scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, key laboratories, enterprises and institutions

as the world's leading scientific instruments and equipment for 70 ~ 100hre suppliers, Oxford instruments also participated in this grand event, focusing on the display of asylum atomic force microscope and EBSD, EDS nano analysis equipment. These cutting-edge technologies and equipment play a vital role in the research and development of high-end materials

asylum atomic force microscope can easily image materials in the air or liquid environment in the micron to nanometer scale. Its multi-function covers the characterization of thin films and polymer materials, the measurement of material mechanical properties, the observation of cell surface morphology and data storage. It is widely used in functional materials such as ferroelectric materials, magnetic materials and semiconductor current testing

the latest energy spectrum multi probe combination technology of the nano analysis department can more efficiently carry out the composition research of nanostructures, the multi field and large-scale area scanning function is more convenient for the material research of large-scale samples, and the latest film analysis software can quickly analyze nano materials without damage

at the exhibition site, many participating material researchers expressed strong concern about these new technologies. At the same time, many old users came to the site to exchange in-depth equipment use experience and research results

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