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Printing and packaging enterprises at home and abroad gathered at the 2009 China Zhengzhou printing and packaging Expo

in the sound of a salute, the 2009 China Zhengzhou printing and packaging Expo officially opened, and visitors entered one after another. The exhibition is divided into five exhibition areas. Exhibition areas a, B and C are the exhibition areas for printing equipment consumables enterprises and printing media; D、E、11. The temperature of the cold and hot shock test box is very high during the high-temperature experiment. The exhibition area f is the exhibition area for printing and packaging design enterprises. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition of the 2008 China Packaging star award winning works and the 2009 China Packaging Star Award will be held in this exhibition area. It is believed that the exhibitors will pay attention to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in 9 Zhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province

there is little oil in and out, and there are bubbles in area B. the first thing you see is the booth of beiren machinery, which is still mainly blue; Moving forward, we can see Ruian machinery and other excellent domestic printing equipment enterprises

this India Expo brings together nearly a thousand exhibitors at home and abroad, as well as domestic and foreign advanced prepress, India China, post press mechanical equipment consumables and new technologies and processes in related industries, Kodak Imaging, Peking University Founder and other well-known printing and packaging equipment and consumables manufacturers

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