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The printing and packaging industry borrows the "three modes of marketing"

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core tips: "Internet +" "cloud printing" "e-commerce" "personalized customization platform"... Check the announcements of printing and packaging listed enterprises in the first half of this year. "Internet +" is a hot word, and 8 of the 15 enterprises have issued announcements about "touch", Become a "Internet +" concept stock. From the analysis of the announcement, there are roughly three modes for listed printing and packaging enterprises to get involved in "Internet +": establishing new network companies, acquiring mainland Internet enterprises, and building new companies together with Hong Kong and Taiwan cloud printing enterprises. From the perspective of the funds invested by "touch", at least tens of millions of yuan, and more than hundreds of millions of yuan, it can be seen that the printing and packaging listed enterprises are determined to layout "interconnection +"

[China Packaging News] Internet + cloud printing e-commerce personalized customization platform to view the announcements of printing and packaging listed enterprises in the first half of this year. Internet + is a hot word. 8 of the 15 enterprises issued announcements about touch, becoming Internet + concept stocks. From the analysis of the announcement, there are roughly three modes for listed printing and packaging enterprises to get involved in the Internet + industry: new network companies, acquisition of mainland Internet enterprises, and cooperation with Hong Kong and Taiwan cloud printing enterprises to build new companies. From the perspective of the funds invested, at least tens of millions of yuan, more than hundreds of millions of yuan, it can be seen that the printing and packaging listed enterprises are determined to layout the Internet +

When the metal tensile testing machine is used to make steel or samples, the new network company

the new network company includes self construction and co construction. The two leading corrugated box enterprises Xiamen Hexing packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen meiyingsen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. are representatives of this model

the representative of self construction is Hexing packaging. Hexing packaging announced on April 21 that the company established Xiamen hexingluo Technology Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10million yuan, with the intention of exploring a new business model, combining the packaging industry with the Internet, and transforming from a manufacturer to a service provider. Its main purpose is to expand the business of the Internet business platform, provide personalized packaging design services for small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers, and become an industry leader in the Internet personalized customized packaging market

the representative of co construction is meiyingsen. Meiyingsen is the largest investor in the Internet + field in the first half of this year. According to the announcement, its total investment is as high as 600million yuan. On February 3, it was announced that its holding company huitianyun Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest 16.68 million US dollars to establish huitianyun (China) Co., Ltd. to provide integrated packaging services for the rapidly growing electronics, e-commerce and brand consumption industries. In May, meiyingsen announced that it would invest 500million yuan to establish xiaomeiji Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Internet packaging, to provide an overall solution for innovative packaging for the Internet e-commerce and logistics express industry

acquisition of mainland Internet enterprises

bill printing enterprises are usually high-tech enterprises in the printing industry, and they set foot in the information industry earlier. Therefore, its demand for the layout of Internet services is more urgent, and its entry is relatively early. Note printing enterprises Donggang Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Annie Co., Ltd. are representatives. Through the acquisition of part of the electricity fee network companies that save money for users, Donggang Co., Ltd. has arranged electronic invoice business, and Annie Co., Ltd. has been involved in Internet marketing and game industry

Donggang Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the pilot of electronic invoice, which is a typical Internet product. The first electronic invoice in China's history was issued by Donggang Co., Ltd. and Jingdong Mall on June 27, 2013. At present, Donggang Co., Ltd. has provided integrated development, access and debugging services for electronic invoice application systems of many enterprises in Beijing and one enterprise in Shanghai, and Ruihong, a subsidiary of the company, has provided electronic invoice business services. In June, Donggang announced that the company invested 7.8 million yuan to acquire 39% of the equity of Beijing Ruihong Technology Co., Ltd., increasing the shareholding ratio of Ruihong, making Beijing Ruihong become a holding company from a joint-stock company. Ruihong is currently the only electronic invoice platform that adopts the operation mode of a third-party platform. The equity acquisition will help Donggang shares improve the execution efficiency in the electronic invoice business

Annie shares successively divested its traditional businesses with poor profitability after losing nearly 100 million yuan for the first time last year. In the first half of this year, it acquired two Internet companies and began to set foot in mobile marketing and online pan entertainment platforms, demonstrating its determination to transform to big Internet. In March, Annie shares acquired 51% equity of Shenzhen weimengluo Technology Co., Ltd. with 96.39 million yuan in cash, completing the layout of the mobile Internet social media marketing field, and will use weimengluo to accurately guide the company's existing lottery business, which is its initial attempt to transform the Internet business. On June 15, Annie Co., Ltd. increased its capital by 9.3 million yuan to Shanghai shackle Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a game manufacturer, holding 10% of the equity of Shanghai shackle, providing content and data support for the Internet platform it plans to build. This investment shackles digital, and Annie shares aims to transform to an online pan entertainment operator

join hands with Hong Kong and Taiwan cloud printing enterprises

as we all know, the printing industry in Hong Kong and Taiwan has been relatively developed. When mainland printing and packaging and related enterprises enter the Internet and layout cloud printing, they also do not forget to join hands with Hong Kong and Taiwan to learn from their valuable experience. Tianjin evergreen printing equipment Co., Ltd. and Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. are representatives in this regard

as a printing equipment manufacturing enterprise, EVA has been deploying cloud printing in recent years, extending its industrial chain to the downstream. The cooperation between evergreen Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Jianhao Printing Co., Ltd. has also been concerned by the industry. On July 8, EVA announced the successful acquisition of 16.84% equity of Guilian Holding International Co., Ltd., a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong. All parties to the transaction have completed the share delivery. With the expansion of local subsidiaries of Guilian holdings, EVA will obtain more orders from the enterprise. The influence of Dayun printing project in the printing industry

Dongfeng announced in June that it would cooperate with the Hong Kong listed enterprise eprint group, of which Dongfeng invested 17.5 million yuan and held 70% of the shares. The two sides would establish a project company through new establishment, capital increase, equity transfer and other ways to enter the field of cloud printing, carry out Internet personalized customization business, and strive to set up the first base in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, to launch Internet personalized customization platform system and related products this year

the two Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises selected as partners are the leading enterprises of local online printing. Taiwan Jianhao likes to take BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche as year-end awards, which was once known by the public. Taiwan Jianhao takes web printing and combined printing as the main modes, and its market share in Taiwan's business cards and leaflets is more than 40%. Eprint group is the largest printing service provider combining self-service and retail networks in Hong Kong. It has four cloud printing network platforms, accounting for about 20% of Hong Kong cloud printing

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