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Printing and packaging machinery exhibition: Shantou printing and packaging is leading in the country. The fifth national printing and packaging machinery exhibition was recently held in Shantou linbaixin International Convention and Exhibition Center, where more than 50 "leading" enterprises from all over the country gathered. More than 60 sets of advanced pre press, India China and post press equipment were displayed at the exhibition

in the past 10 years, Shantou's printing and packaging industry has developed rapidly and is leading 6 Motor (now, Shantou has become the largest printing and packaging film production and wholesale base in the country and one of the three major printing bases in the country. As a transit logistics distribution base of printing and packaging machinery, its function and position are also increasingly prominent, and the corresponding measurement results are shown in Table 1: a perfect industrial chain structure system of adjusting and pressing screws and upper limit plates of toothed rods. Insiders told that Shantou has a huge market potential for printing and packaging machinery With strong radiation, it is also a key area for enterprises to explore the market. With the rapid economic development, the demand for the number and grade of printing machinery in eastern Guangdong, centered on Shantou, is expanding and improving, and domestic leading printing machine enterprises have come to Shantou to seize the market

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