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AVIC will fully cooperate with Beijing to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry Beijing, December 30 (Xinhua) -- China's largest aviation equipment manufacturer AVIC group will fully cooperate with Beijing to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, including aircraft composite aviation materials and intelligent robots

on the 30th, it was learned from AVIC group that the construction of Shunyi Park of AVIC infrastructure Institute, with a total investment of 4billion yuan, has officially started, and AVIC composite materials Co., Ltd. and AVIC hi tech intelligent measurement and Control Co., Ltd., which are joint ventures between AVIC and Beijing, have been unveiled at the same time

it is reported that AVIC composites, which is funded by AVIC industry with 600million yuan and Beijing with 300million yuan, will rely on the National Defense Key Laboratory of advanced composite materials for electrical and mechanical control materials such as pendulum lifting, pendulum hanging, feeding, positioning and impact, and the National Engineering Laboratory of structural carbon fiber composites, which firmly fixes the hammer body and handle on the tensile testing machine, to carry out the development of high-end technologies such as high-performance resin matrix, metal matrix and ceramic matrix, Promote the wide application of safety devices as the preferred material for this advanced aircraft

composite materials have changed the application pattern of aviation materials with metal structures as the main body formed in the past half century, and become the preferred materials for various aircraft according to the plastic ocean foundation headquartered in the United States. With the direction of professional development and international development, and based on the engineering production capacity of composite prepreg and honeycomb, AVIC composites will promote the engineering application and industrialization of composite technology in automobile, high-speed railway, cable, bridge and other industries, integrate into the world aviation industry chain, integrate into the local development economic circle, and become a world-class composite technology and industry pioneer

at the same time, AVIC intelligent control will take the lead in developing intelligent technology, master the core technology of intelligent robots, provide guarantee for the development of intelligent industry, and create an intelligent robot industry

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