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The development of the printing and packaging industry is slow, and the dawn of the brilliant future can be seen

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core tip: the overall development of the printing and packaging industry is slow. However, at the time of transformation and upgrading, there are always some people and enterprises who use wisdom and sweat to solidify the brilliance of this industry

[China Packaging News] the overall development of the printing and packaging industry is slow. However, at the time of transformation and upgrading, there are always some people and enterprises who use their wisdom and sweat to build the brilliance of this industry

data show that the demand for flexible packaging in the global consumer market will maintain an accelerated growth trend, in which the demand share of developing countries will continue to expand. As the country with the largest consumption of flexible packaging, China's market consumption reached 6.07 million tons in 2015. Asia is the largest consumption region, accounting for 40% of the global total. From 2015 to 2020, the consumption of flexible packaging will increase at an average annual rate of 6.6%. India and China have the fastest growth rate of flexible packaging consumption, with an average annual growth rate of 9.4% and 6.9% respectively

highlight 1: Chinese food packaging topped the international design Oscar, attracting world attention

recently, the end face of pentawa pressure needle has a certain extension length relative to the pressure foot plane. The lrds2015 award ceremony was held in London, and the Chinese Legion was constantly surprised. Pentawards is the only competition in the world that focuses on various packaging design, and is considered to be the Oscar in the packaging design industry. In 2014, Chinese designers won the platinum award, the highest award. This year, the famous Chinese brand Nongfu Shanquan won the platinum award for food packaging design after picking and repeating for China several times, which is also the highest award currently won by Chinese enterprises in this field

highlight 2: the grand opening of Macao International Print Exhibition 2015

on October 22, 2015, the 2015 Macao International Printing Exhibition opened at the Venetian Pavilion in Macao at the same time as the 20th Macao International Trade and investment exhibition. The Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce and the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan printing industry chambers of Commerce, associations, major principals, leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, etc. cut the ribbon for the opening of the exhibition. Nearly 100 people from industry-related enterprises, scientific research and teaching, media, associations, etc. attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and visited the exhibition

highlight 3: publishing enterprises use digital publishing to promote the three stricts and three realms education

recently, Geological Publishing House, people's court publishing house and Intellectual Property Publishing House jointly held a kick-off meeting on the theme of three stricts and three realms education and digital publishing in Beijing. The participating publishers believed that the combination of three stricts and three realities education and digital publishing practice is an innovation combining party member education activities with business practice, which is conducive to the exchange of digital publishing experience

point 4: org devoured nearly 20% of Yongxin shares

Yongxin shares, a listed company in the small and beautiful flexible packaging industry, achieved an operating revenue of 446 million yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 7.74% year-on-year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 44.6052 million yuan, an increase of 18.89% year-on-year It is noteworthy that as of September 30, org (002701), which is mainly engaged in food and beverage metal packaging products, and its concerted actors (Wudaokou innovation, Jiahua Yuanlong, Weiran fund, org packaging containers and Jiahua Chengmei, etc.) still hold 19.64% of Yongxin shares, directly threatening the 28.30% shareholding of Huangshan Yongjia group, the largest shareholder of Yongxin shares

point 5: high configuration and high efficiency, leyoubi Xinling V3000 landed in Xinjiang.

recently, leyoubi Xinling V3000 Xinjiang Karamay oil newspaper printing plant was put into operation and the ribbon cutting ceremony was held in Karamay oil newspaper printing plant. The liyoubi Xinling V3000 purchased by Xinjiang Karamay Petroleum News Agency has the technology that leads the trend of the times, and has the highest printing speed of 17100 pieces/hour. At the same time, it is equipped with a new type of highly automated Feida and a single vacuum belt conveyor board. Even if the chemical composition is the same, and it only needs 70 seconds to replace the printing plate in the same phase, it is also equipped with an ink path temperature control system and a color navigation function of one click adjustment of ink color, So as to achieve high production efficiency

highlight 6: China (Longgang) printing and Cultural Expo opened grandly

on October 23, 2015 China (Longgang) printing and Cultural Industry Expo opened grandly. This China printing and Cultural Expo will last for three days, with the theme of building a large platform, sharing large resources and promoting great innovation. It is divided into three exhibition areas and more than 500 booths, with a total exhibition area of 25000 square meters. The exhibition first introduced the concept of printing, realizing the integration with graphic design, advertising media and other industries; The first cultural and creative industry and Taiwan specific area; For the first time, leaders of the printing community that needs to install office2000 on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and scholars and experts in the cultural and creative industry gathered to jointly discuss the mode and prospects of cooperation between printing and cultural and creative industries, Taiwan and Cangnan, with the printing industry as the core

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