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Printing to avoid corrosion in the air and water oxidation, packaging exhibition has become one of the four professional exhibitions of this year's Wenzhou Light Expo

the preliminary preparations for the 2005 Wenzhou Light Expo have been quietly carried out. It is reported that the plan of this year's light Expo has been basically determined

this year's light Expo will give more prominence to the theme of "specialization, branding and internationalization". The "theme exhibition" of the light Expo is still scheduled to be held from October 12 to October 1, 2005. Press the print button to start printing the experimental data. On October 5, 2005, there are three tertiary industry exhibition areas, including shoe leather, pump valve and Wenzhou characteristic product Museum. At the same time, four major professional exhibitions will be held: Cangnan printing, packaging and gift exhibition; Wenzhou International Footwear, leather manufacturing technology and materials exhibition; Zhejiang style furniture exhibition; Wenzhou International glasses trade exhibition as a whole and the third Wenzhou International surface treatment, coating and coating exhibition. The time is from early September to mid October. (Wang Renjie)

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