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The printing and packaging industry has encountered the challenge of rising paper prices

the rumors of rising paper prices have been confirmed in the terminal market recently. According to the major shopping malls and supermarkets in Hangzhou, the price of household paper brands in the market has already been quietly raised, with an average increase of about 10%

the price of household paper has been comprehensively raised, and industrial paper has followed suit, including coated paper and whiteboard. As Zhejiang Fuyang, which has the absolute pricing power in the domestic whiteboard market, has adjusted the price twice this year

the price of paper rises again and again

careful citizens have found that except for some local coreless paper, the market momentum of plastic film is strong, and the price of most 10 roll toilet paper has crossed the threshold of 20 yuan, and the price of some cored roll paper of major brands such as Qingfeng and Weida is even close to 35 yuan

the relevant person in charge of Century Lianhua purchasing department confirmed to me that since the first price increase in May this year, most of the samples were cylinder brand household paper, and the price rose in July, especially in September. From the first half of the year to now, the cumulative increase of each stage has reached about 20%. Now it is almost difficult to buy 10 rolls of brand toilet paper with less than 20 yuan on the market

household paper has become the vanguard of price rise, while cultural paper and industrial paper are working hard in the dark. According to the Yiwu paper wholesale market, the prices of all kinds of paper products have increased by different ranges recently. The largest increase is the whiteboard used for downstream packaging paper production, which has increased rapidly from about 3700 yuan per ton in the first half of the year to 4700 yuan per ton today, an increase of more than 25%

Feng Xiaofei, who operates wholesale businesses such as whiteboard and Grey Board in Yongsheng community, Yiwu, said that the rise in the price of raw paper has directly affected the price of downstream paper products

multiple factors push up paper prices

since June this year, Chen Bo of Fuyang Yongtai paper found that the profits of enterprises are getting thinner and thinner. Most of the production raw materials of enterprises come from imported American waste paper, and the continuous rise of American waste prices in the past six months has directly increased the production costs of enterprises. Chen Bo also felt helpless, and there was no way to raise the price

Fuyang is known as China's Whiteboard base, with an annual output of 5million tons of whiteboard and a 55% share of the national market. However, according to dongliangxing, Secretary General of Fuyang paper Association, 80% of the raw materials of Fuyang paper enterprises are American waste paper

since last year, the unit price of waste paper in the United States has always been in the rising channel, especially on July 28, the United States waste No. 3, which had previously been around $160 per ton, suddenly quoted a node of $180. More and more enterprises are asking for joint price increases. Dongliangxing said that he received more than 30 enterprise bosses that day, asking whether to consider raising the price

the fluctuation of wood pulp price also indicates the trend of paper price, and the price of imported wood pulp has been at a high level since the beginning of the year, directly raising the production cost of other types of raw paper. According to the transaction data of Jiangsu Taihu International Pulp electronic trading center, the current pulp prices of many varieties have crossed the price highs in the past 10 years

on the other hand, the central and local governments forced the elimination of backward paper-making production capacity, and the effect began to appear in early September. Many small and medium-sized paper mills were forced to reduce their scale or even close down due to backward production capacity and non-standard emissions, reducing the supply of pulp and raw material paper. Fuyang alone has reduced the production scale of nearly 1million tons of whiteboard, accounting for nearly 15% of the total capacity of the time multitasking operating system developed by the company. Dongliangxing said that the supply-demand relationship was broken in a short time, which also led to this price rise

the paper industry ushers in a reshuffle opportunity

on the one hand, the paper price is rising, while on the other hand, with the increase of costs in all aspects, the pressure to raise prices is increasing. Wenling printing and packaging enterprises are facing new difficulties

what bothers aquatic packaging enterprises in Songmen, RuoHeng and other places is that the 250 grams of Coated Whiteboard they use can't be ordered even with cash. A boss told that the paper, the raw and auxiliary material of Wenling printing and packaging industry, mainly comes from Fuyang. However, dozens of paper production lines were demolished before the end of September, so it is difficult to get the goods. Everyone can only compete for inventory by bidding

however, Dong Liangxing saw different aspects. He said that the current difficulties of the paper industry have brought a new round of reshuffle opportunities. For large enterprises, now is a good time to adjust the industry and integrate the market. When this part of production capacity is released in succession, the market's concerns will be gradually alleviated

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