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Printing and packaging: a market of great concern

printing workshop

packaging includes many printing processes, including flexo printing, gravure printing, offset printing, silk printing, digital printing and many other printing processes. After printing, plastic, carton board, corrugated board, metal foil and paper are made into cartons, containers, soft paper bags, labels and sleeves. Some people think that packaging is the most important form of trademark advertising - its effect can be achieved through printing

as a professional enterprise in packaging and printing and paper products processing machinery, comexi company of Spain believes that packaging occupies one third of the world's printing market every year, and this market worth 250million US dollars is still increasing - relatively speaking, the book printing part is only 10million US dollars

the paper products processing and packaging printing industry in the United States is mainly divided into four components: corrugated cardboard packaging, folding cartons, flexible packaging and label products. In 2004, the profit of North American printing and packaging and paper products processing industry was $68billion, which is expected to reach $83billion in 2009

sheet fed offset printing of carton processors

because 80% of the cartons of Heidelberg company are offset printing, the company not only equipped a sheet fed offset printing machine with fast and reliable transformation parts suitable for carton production, but also purchased Jagenberg die-cutting machine and folding/gluing machine two years ago

Bernhard Schreier, Global CEO of Heidelberg, said, "now we are carrying out the reorganization of the main sources and three ways of vanadium supply in China. The improvement of the overall value of Heidelberg group has become our primary goal. We will focus on our core business areas, sheet fed offset printing machines, and the rapidly developing packaging and label printing areas."

Heidelberg recently launched a series of new products and solutions for packaging and label printing. The company's printing machine has also been upgraded to meet the different needs of more customers

schreier said: "in the past few years, many carton products processors have visited the company's factory in Germany, and they have a strong interest in the speedpa XL 105 in Heidelberg. This is a cost-effective and high-quality printing machine, and the production capacity has also been greatly improved."

guaranteed profits

gary Doman, the sales director of MAN Roland sheet fed printing machine, said: "packaging is very important to us. 15 years ago, carton manufacturing was very simple; today, it is much more complex and has a variety of post press processing forms. MAN Roland has made a huge investment in online operation and packaging market. A recent example is our prindor online foil pressing system."

when retailers and new suppliers control the market, the motivation of printer suppliers is to reduce production costs. Profit is the most important. Doman said: "Carton producers can raise their prices to ensure costs. That's why we take cost control as the company's development goal. The company's EagleEye sheet fed monitoring system is an example. Every sheet of paper is detected for dirt by getting information from identified papers. With the analysis of high-speed cameras and computers, the equipment can detect deviations and mark bad papers.

Something suitable for everyone

paper products processing equipment companies are constantly developing to meet the needs of multiple market sectors. The Bobst group, headquartered in Switzerland, is an example. Bobst is famous for the production of carton and corrugated paper printing and post press processing equipment. The company first entered the flexible packaging industry through gravure printing, flexographic printing, coating, film covering and cutting equipment produced by SCHIAVI. Then, the company acquired Valmet paper products processing plant last year. Thanks to Titan and Atlas brand cutting and rewinding machines, the company's web paper cutter equipment has been renamed Apollo, which has become a leader in gold plating and protective coating equipment

claude currat is the operation director of the company's flexible materials, He pointed out: "Bobst's advantage is that it can meet all the needs of the large plastic products industry, which has penetrated into all fields of social life, such as agriculture, industry, national defense, construction, daily use, medical treatment, aerospace and so on. For example, the inking process of flexo is the same for film, carton and corrugated paper. For the market, our company can provide equipment for the tobacco industry to produce cartons, outer packaging and films."

focus of flexo

comex timing collection method I company is also expanding the processing field of packaging prints, but its focus is mainly on the cutting-edge technology of flexo. Now, the company claims that it has sold more flexographic printing machines than other companies (46 in 2004), and has made good achievements in the field of coating and coating equipment. Manel P. xifra, executive vice president of the company, said, "we have realized the arrival of global market and market centralization. Last year, 60% of the printing processing business (flexible edition) was divided by 10 companies. The only way to make the company survive and determine the position of four sides of the rectangular hollow pier is to become a leading group or merge with other groups."

on CMM 2005, comexi formed a strategic alliance with ACOM (advanced paper processing system) headquartered in Italy. They decided to jointly invest in the production and sale of ACOM RG platinum gravure printing press. Josep M. Soler, the company's Deputy Sales Director, said, "our goal is to reach the top three in every field involved in the company."

try to catch up

as some European paper products processors have won a foothold in the new market, the style of paper products processing products has also changed in the past few years

large packaging paper products processors are growing every year - they have swallowed up medium-sized operators. In order to survive, these medium-sized operators only want to obtain more large customers, while ignoring the smaller product market. In addition to them, small processors are constantly improving their professional ability

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