Safety measures for maintenance of the hottest ign

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Safety measures for maintenance of ignition system

a. analysis of dangerous points in maintenance of ignition system:

1. Electric shock accidents may occur if electricity inspection is not carried out during work and the warning sign "it is forbidden to disassemble here to replace new gaskets, switch on, someone works" is not hung on the control switch China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in China

2. The original records are not made during the work, and the wiring inspection is not carefully compared with the drawings at the end of the work. In case of wiring and equipment installation errors, the equipment will be damaged after power on

3. There should be no mistakes in the maintenance of the ignition system. If there are mistakes in the work, the boiler will lose its ignition ability

b. Safety measures for maintenance of ignition system:

1. You must wear labor protection articles and safety helmet when entering the maintenance site

2. Strictly implement the work ticket system, and jointly confirm with the operating personnel that the system measures have been completed, and the system can work only after there is no oil and pressure in the system, so as to avoid oil leakage

3. Carefully check the working place before commencement

4. The person in charge of the work shall explain the safety measures and dangerous point analysis to the members of the work team on site, make technical disclosure, and sign in the safety technical disclosure column of the work ticket

5. Barbaric construction is strictly prohibited during the installation process, and the "three violations" are eliminated, so as to achieve the "three no injuries"

6. Tie the safety belt when laying the cable, and the members of the working group shall monitor it

7. When removing cables and control lines, check the electricity first, and remove the control cables under the condition of ensuring no electricity

8. When working near the oil gun, put an end to all ignition sources and prohibit any hot work

9. During commissioning and power transmission of oil gun, ignition gun and oil angle valve, power transmission and commissioning must be carried out after on-site inspection to confirm that there is no short circuit, grounding, virtual connection, safety measures have been restored, and staff have left the equipment

10. During ignition test run. Check carefully, and contact the operators in the central control room and the maintenance personnel of the boiler that mainly produces colorants and additives in the equipment maintenance department. The ignition test can be carried out only after confirming that no personnel are working in the furnace, so as to prevent damage to personnel and equipment in the furnace

11. Clean up the site after the work is completed, so as to "clean the materials and site after the work is completed". And handle the work ticket termination procedures, and the work party will end

c technical measures for maintenance of ignition system:

1. Cut off the working air source of the propeller, power supply of the control cabinet, dust cleaning of the control cabinet, and fasten the wiring of the wiring terminal

2. Clean the dust, oil dirt and appearance of the propeller, confirm that the working gas pipeline is in good condition, turn on the air source, and there is no air leakage

3. Remove the ignition gun for inspection and replacement, reinstall the ignition gun and ignition cable, adjust the position of the ignition gun appropriately, and check that the cable head is in good condition and the contact is good

4. Remove the solenoid valve assembly, make the line mark and clean the dust, check and replace it, reinstall the solenoid valve assembly, and tighten the air pipeline connector, It is firmly fixed and wired correctly

5. Remove the travel switch, mark the line and remove the dust, check and replace it. Install the travel switch, tighten the screws, check and confirm that the wiring is correct

6. Check the high-energy igniter, ignition cable voltage withstand test, replace the control box, high-energy igniter fuse

7. Operate the oil gun and ignition gun locally, check the action, enter and retreat to the position, The status of the indicator light of the control cabinet should meet the requirements

8. Therefore, PP material should also have antistatic property. When the ignition gun is pushed in place, start the high-energy igniter and check the ignition condition of the ignition rod

9. Check and confirm that all parts are in good condition, screws, bolts and nuts are tightened and complete, and the labels and marks are clear

10. Carry out remote operation test directly from the DCS panel

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